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The Things You Learn from Yearbooks...

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A while ago, Ancestry was advertising all the Yearbook digitizing and indexing that they have completed. And their advertising of these updates is spot-on! I have noticed over the last six months that many of my searches on individuals were returning results that included Yearbooks. For genealogists, these documents do not hold great value in tracing a family lineage but they do tell a story about your family members.

One of these searches found a treasure trove of photographs of both my parents. My Dad in the Scholarship Society, the Math Club, Chess Club, etc. My Mom in the Marching Band (saxophone was her instrument), cheerleading, and formal dances.

But the one photo that really intrigued me was of my Mom on the Newspaper Staff at Mt. Blanchard School in Ohio. Regular sections of this paper consisted of Arts, High School, Grade School, Scholastic, Music, Sports, Special Features, Jokes, and Roving Reporter. Mom, Linda Hoy, was the Grade School Editor. In this photograph, she is seated in the front row, next to the gentleman at the typewriter.sid_13596_1958_0053a.jpg

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