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Finding Hints in Flemington

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Started our day (actually mine as Ron had been up for a while already) with a beautiful sunrise over the lake, a cup of coffee, and a conversation about the elusive Tinsmans. Now we are grabbing some breakfast at Friendly's and I suppose it must still be fairly early as we are the only customers currently. The crowds were picking up as we left, on our way to the Hunterdon County Historical Society in Flemington, New Jersey. Not sure what to expect as it seems like they have lots of resources but they also prefer a one week advance notice to pull these from the archives which I believe is at a separate building. Needless to say, we did not consider this before contacting them. I sincerely hope it is fruitful in finding Ron's family.

Well, 10-1/2 hours later, we are tired and happy. What a wonderful group at the Hunterdon County Historical Society! They pulled files, they researched the TInsmans (and associative family surnames), they gave information on the local history, and they referred us to other places to check out for resources. The Society has a part-time librarian and volunteer genealogists on-staff. Additionally, there was a local researcher, knowledgeable on boating in the area (historical of course) and on Revolutionary War records. We spent a wonderful 2-1/2 hours working through the stacks of information (books, files, maps, microfilm, etc.) and then grabbed some lunch at a local deli called Cocco's Cafe & Gelato. Two wonderful panini sandwiches later, we were back at the research for the afternoon.

The amount of resources this facility houses is amazing! And the facility is a beautiful workplace as well. We truly enjoyed our time there and were so thrilled with the helpful and knowledgeable staff. There were TInsmans coming out of the walls as we continued to look throughout the day and Ron made a potential SAR connection. We came away with more knowledge, more friends, more books, more hints, and a tour of Doric House to boot. What a fabulous Society!

Three items to note about the Hunterdon County Historical Society. They have hundreds of boxes in their archives that LDS came to microfilm, they provided Hank Jones (renowned researcher of Palatines) with hours upon hours of research time for his books, and they house all the research compiled by Hiram Deats. We were looking for resources that we couldn't find online, we found it! Tired but happy.

I'll leave it to Ron to post his findings on the Tinsmans and finding/validating his line...!

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I am tired.  So much information that I think it is best to wait until we return home and then sort it all out.  I do think I finally have my answers about Peter, Christopher and Dennis Tinsman in pre-1800 New Jersey.  I hope it still makes sense when I get home.

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