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  10. If I had blogged yesterday, it would have simply stated "We are home." Secondarily, I would have mentioned that we found a lot of Bennetts in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. And I mean a lot, pages and pages. Ron insisted that they must have owned the whole town. We first focused on the Wills, making copies of Bennetts prior to 1900, with a focus on 1800-1860. I have Martha's! Next, we took pictures of early Bennett Land Deeds. I'm not even certain the exact time-period for this because, while I was making copies of the Wills on the microfilm reader, Ron was listing what we should take pictures of next. There were a couple very helpful and knowledgeable people at the courthouse who assisted. I still need to review all the information we captured. It will take a while. I'll post some more information and lessons learned about the visit to the Luzerne County courthouse. The Northeast Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Inc. was a bit of a let-down. There were two rooms of computers (about five in each room) with the seats almost completely filled. That wasn't the let-down. The website states "NEPGS has many available resources which can aid in your genealogical quest." and continues on to list books, newspapers, manuscripts, church records, cemetery records, etc., etc. It further states that the lists on-line are only indexes and that they invite people to NEPGS to visit during operating hours to view the actual files. However, when I asked about any plat books on the cemetery or aids in finding information on my relative Rufus Bennett, we were told to talk to the caretaker of the cemetery and basically escorted out of the building. As the President of the organization walked us out, I asked about the work that was going on in the two rooms and she said they were working on a very important transcription of Scranton records to put on-line. I imagine they must have been on a tight deadline. She also said that all their references are on-line and that all the Luzerne County courthouse records are on-line at Family Search. I will be curious to find out if this is true. Okay, I've grumbled about that enough. The caretaker of the cemetery at Hanover Green could not be found, so Ron and I wandered around what looked to be the old section to find Rufus Bennett. It took us a while but we found him, his wife, and daughter! It would have been quicker if I had remembered what it looked like from FindAGrave. It was very helpful to have this reference because it helped us track down the location. I got some pictures and we headed back to our home base. Because our day ended so early, we decided to pack up and head back home yesterday evening instead of this morning. While it wasn't fun to be on the road for another four hours after we had already driven three hours, it is so very good to be home!
  11. A lot of great information on Jersey archives in this post!
  12. I have been in the genealogy hobby for a fair amount of time. The one person I have struggled with, the so called "Brick Wall" has been Dennis TInsman Snr. This was the furthest back in that line I had been able to trace. While it was a distant relative, I always wanted to solve another step or two and be able to say who my German relative is and where he came from in the homeland. Today I feel confident about my decision in saying that Dennis Tinsman Snr, Sussex County NJ, dies in 1818. His father, Johann Peter Dunschmann, Sussex County Nj, dies in 1806 are father and son. Peter's other son is Christopher TInsman, dies in 1821. Within the next weeks I will also be able to put more descriptive insight into the family happening that occur pre 1830 in New Jersey and some in Pennsylvania. This family line has been a great challenge to me, but........ I AM DONE!
  13. The title says it all. We didn't get back until after 9 pm and I have been prepping for tomorrow until now. A good experience at the Tinsman Farm. We went back to the Sunset Christmas Tree Farm today and the owner, Tim, kindly showed us around. Beautiful old wood floors, a huge stone fireplace in the basement with old crockpot on swing-arm, and a beam with the date William Tinsman put up the barn were the highlights of the tour. Ron was able to take a few bricks with him that came out of the old home as Tim and his wife are in the process of remodeling the whole house. We stopped in at the Mt. Hermon church, what was originally called the Greens Church, as the doors were open. Turns out an artist has purchased the place and is contemplating whether he will use it as a home or his studio. He gave us a quick tour, some parting gifts, and a promise to stay in touch when he removes the stained glass windows. A very good stop and enjoyable time. Off to Flemington, NJ and a couple hours of research at the Courthouse to find Jacob Albright, believed to be Rachel's Dad, and more information on the no longer elusive Tinsmans. Ron says he is "done". Next stop was the Straw Church where Charlotte and Dave showed us around the cemetery to point out the Tinsmans and other interesting "residents". They have been working on a project to document all the old portions of this cemetery and have a lot of knowledge on this cemetery. We stopped at about 7:30 pm for a lovely dinner near our home base. Wonderful surprise was the German dinner special on the menu. It was delicious! Okay, I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is a search for land deeds and wills on the Bennetts of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.
  14. The research trip is going quite well, but has been superseded by the discovery of distant cousins, the finding of family farms, and the discussions and relationship building that follows. While I wont get to all of the records that I had hoped to, I will build a substantial network of friends and family in the area. Honestly, that seems more important. I am beat, and still 3 more days....
  15. This Indenture, made the eighth day of January in the year of our LORD, one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. Between Andrew Rice and Catherine his wife of the township of Hardwick, County of Sussex and State of New Jersey, of the one part, and Dennis Tinsman of the township of Knowlton, County and State aforesaid. Witnesses, that the said Andrew Rice and Catherine his wife for and in consideration of the Sum of Seventeen hundred and thirty three dollars & thirty three cents, good & lawful money of the United States of America to them in Land paid by the said Dennis Tinsmans before the ensealing and delivery hereof, the receipt is hereby acknowledged, have given, granted, bargained and lots aliened, View full record
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  22. We started our day with a 2-hour drive south to the area of Lumberville, Bucks County. We were meeting a couple who live at Temora Farms, an historic farm built in 1732. We had originally met this couple in Germany when touring during the 2014 Christmas season. At that time, we had exchanged contact information and decided to call them about one week ago to see if they would be interested in a luncheon out. They offered to give us a tour of their farm. Their homestead is beautifully decorated and has some amazing antiques. Then after a tour of a few of the surrounding out-buildings, we got ready to head to the Tinsman Lumberyard and lunch at the Black Bass. The Tinsman Lumber is a quaint hardware store and two buildings of lumber supplies, all situated across from the Delaware River. Ron was able to spend some time talking to Bill Tinsman Sr. and Bill Tinsman Jr., sharing stories. Ron shared information on the research he has been performing for the last five years. It was a good conversation and we all exchanged contact information to keep the sharing of research and stories going. Bill has said he can take Ron around to many of the ancestral places, farms and land, so we definitely plan to visit again in the near future. The luncheon at Black Bass was a delicious meal, eaten within view of the Delaware River. After some time catching up with Helen and Craig, we went our separate ways. Just across the river into Stockton, New Jersey, we made a quick stop at a gas station. We were both so surprised to realize that it is self-serve; haven't seen one of those in years! Our final treat for the day, after being on the road for a while, was a smoothie from Smoothie King and then back to our home base we went.
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