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Northern Europe

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Focused upon the North Germanic, Finnic, and Baltic. 

Country not Listed?

If the country does not have an independent forum, post here to demonstrate the need.

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    • The weather was also very nice.
    • Quality thoughts about always making this pleasant and fun.
    • I am tired.  So much information that I think it is best to wait until we return home and then sort it all out.  I do think I finally have my answers about Peter, Christopher and Dennis Tinsman in pre-1800 New Jersey.  I hope it still makes sense when I get home.
    • I began working on Texas a few days ago, BOY is it BIG!  I am not sure how long it will take to get the Texas foundation built, but it just needs to be done.   Having the most counties of any state in America it presents a challenge, but once completed Texas will provide 254 places to organize research.  Since the USA has 3142 counties or equivalents, Texas does get quite a bit done. Anyway, if you stop by to take a look, know we are working on it.  If you notice only partial completion, remember we plan to get it all done.  If you are wanting of a specific county, it will be here, soon.
    •         Over the last week we have been very fortunate to have time away from work to experience the Holiday time period.  This has provided a fair amount of time for doing things we WANTED to do.  I took that time to build more of the basics into the web presentation.  I hope this will pay dividends in the future as I get back to more of my own research and helping others with theirs.         Presently I have completed the basics for some states in the USA.  What does that mean? Well each completed state has: A state page with functioning links and resources A table that includes links to each county or designated area within the state Each county page has a basic presentation that enables our team to build out content from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where they live, this enables the team concept. A few images are in the State Gallery A county Wake up posting that asks for volunteers and just information from those willing to provide it.         Though this type of effort isn't really very rewarding for me; it is very tedious and time consuming, just kidding.  It does enable others to do more meaningful work on the site.  As an example, take a look at the state of Ohio.  Our team has been working to get more quality information placed on those county pages in the hopes it will help others.  In time, with others also providing information, we hope this will be a useful work space to assist in research or to present findings.          My ultimate goal is to provide this common level of information focusing on each county within America, and also to those states within foreign countries, such as the Westerwald region of the Rhineland.  There, that is the dream. It may take a while..... 
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