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Welcome.  We established the German Ancestral Studies Research Group in early 2016. It is our hope to assist people on both sides of the Atlantic to discover and appreciate their ancestral past. We are focused upon the current breadth of Germany as it exists today, but we are all considerate of those other areas that at various times may have been part of a recognized "Germany". While we assist many people to discover knowledge about their ancestral homes in Germany, a primary objective is to help German researchers discover those who have left the German-speaking world and come to North America.

We began researching various segments of our own family's history from their time in Germany and on to areas such as the Volga region of Russia and on again to America. Now we are beginning a more robust effort that will focus upon those Rhineland-Palatinate emigrants that in some way made it to America.  We think this first step will be a good one as we already have made contact with a number of German researchers from this area.

We will present more information in the German language as we move forward.

Contact Information:
Website: www.goancestry.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/goancestry/
Email: info@goancestry.com

Auf Deutsch or English contact is welcome.