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Welcome to our Migration and Colonization Page.

At present we are going to focus on the ship's passengers and try to discern how they formed into a group in order to come to America. My wonder is that they must have known a ship was waiting to take them to America before they departed their home villages. The captain or ship owners also must have known they would have sufficient paying passengers in oreder to plan for a voyage to America. I am going to focus on my ancestral area in Germany to see if I can find some clues, but I still feel that a group of people must have come through various areas of Germany in order to get potential passengers to "sign up" for an upcoming voyage. I think this will be worth the time. We shall see.

Projects are just a way to collaborate with members on a specific topic. If you have a project idea, nominate it in the forum discussion areas. These projects should be fun for everyone, and if you get a bit of detail about your family tree in the process, all the better.

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