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Welcome, we are presenting an interactive and fun work space for those that are passionate about genealogy, history, or their family tree. In researching our own family tree, we quickly learned that there is so much information that can be found on the internet, some good and accurate, some not. Therefore, we thought to integrate our passion for history and ancestry with another passion; web development and the internet. Through time and some miss-steps we have concluded that it is often better for us when we collaborate with others before making final decisions about including someone into a family tree. We hope this site will grow over time, both in information and members. Either way, we will continue to to be here striving to provide a valuable place and to share our passions.

I hope you will spend some time here and join in the discussion. For information about how we have constructed the site, how to use its features, and how you might wish to participate, please visit our Website Information Section. Please review our Privacy Policy which is found on the bottom right hand corner of each page. You can personalize your experience even more once you Create an Account. Rest assured, having an account does not permit any of your personal information to be shared, and we keep all records private. We don't send emails to members without their request, but there is an integrated option that will allow you to sign up for some type of notification if that is what you desire.

We will be happy to help you with your family research if we have the knowledge and ability to do so. We have been collecting a fairly large library of published material that has been exceptionally helpful to our research efforts. While a large percentage of this material focuses on the northeast and midwest states, we have substantive materials for other portions of the United States and portions of Europe. We encourage you to share your information and help others via the BLOGS, CHAT or FORUM. Well, I hope you find something interesting. If you are not ready to join today, come back in the future and see how we are doing. Happy researching!

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    • Ronald


      My Uncle's family came to America from the Volga region of Russia.  Their ancestors having come from Germany settled in this part of Russia much earlier.  Near the end of the 1800s there was a significant emigration from that region to other parts of the world.  One of our settlement projects is taking a look at this topic.
    • Ronald


      I began working on the great state of Texas yesterday and WOW!  This is one big state with a lot of history and information.  Though it may take me quite some time, I am going to continue to get the database populated to the best of my ability.
    • Ronald


      In order to help the other side, I added a forum today that I hope will encourage German speakers to post their own questions to the site.  Maybe then some of our GAS members or others will help them.   Just like we might be looking for ancestral knowledge from the original homeland, they may be looking for descendant information for those that departed.
    • Ronald


      Updated the database to include links to New York resources.  They are now listed on the individual county pages of New York and are searchable on the site.
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