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Nebraska Counties

County Date Mentor County Date Mentor
Adams 1867   Antelope 1871  
Arthur 1887   Banner 1888  
Blaine 1885   Boone 1871  
Box Butte 1887   Boyd 1891  
Brown 1883   Buffalo 1855  
Burt 1854   Butler 1856  
Cass 1854   Cedar 1857  
Chase 1873   Cherry 1883  
Cheyenne 1867   Clay 1855  
Colfax 1869   Cuming 1855  
Custer 1877   Dakota 1855  
Dawes 1885   Dawson 1860  
Deuel 1888   Dixon 1856  
Dodge 1854   Douglas 1854  
Dundy 1873   Fillmore 1856  
Franklin 1867   Frontier 1872  
Furnas 1873   Gage 1855  
Garden 1910   Garfield 1884  
Gosper 1873   Grant 1887  
Greeley 1871   Hall 1858 Ronald
Hamilton 1867   Harlan 1871  
Hayes 1877   Hitchcock 1873  
Holt 1860   Hooker 1889  
Howard 1871   Jefferson 1856  
Johnson 1857   Kearney 1860  
Keith 1873   Keya Paha 1884  
Kimball 1888   Knox 1857  
Lancaster 1855   Lincoln 1860  
Logan 1885   Loup 1883  
Madison 1856   McPherson 1887  
Merrick 1858   Morrill 1908  
Nance 1879   Nehama 1854  
Nuckolls 1860   Otoe 1854  
Pawnee 1855   Perkins 1887  
Phelps 1873   Pierce 1856  
Platte 1856   Polk 1856  
Red Willow 1873   Richardson 1854  
Rock 1885   Saline 1867  
Sarpy 1857   Saunders 1856  
Scotts Bluff 1888   Seward 1855  
Sheridan 1885   Sherman 1871 Ronald
Sioux 1877   Stanton 1855  
Thayer 1871   Thomas 1887  
Thurston 1889   Valley 1871  
Washington 1854   Wayne 1867  
Webster 1867   Wheeler 1877  
York 1855    

Nebraska Information

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Nebraska Topics

Welcome to Nebraska

Nebraska 26 Sep 2014
Welcome to our discussion forums for the state of Nebraska.  We are beginning to place more content on our website in the hope you will find something of interest to you. In the coming weeks we will begin to add more information concerning the state.   If you have any historical or gene...
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Swedish Immigration to Nebraska in late 1800s

Nebraska 04 Jul 2014
Though I have only begun tracing one family member that is of Swedish descent, I am beginning to see a lot of immigrants coming from the Norrbotten, Overlulea area of Sweden.  The records from this part of Sweden are very good, so I hope I can find more information regarding the Emigration f...
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Sherman: Bio Jens Rassmussen, Rockville Resident

Nebraska 04 Mar 2014
Source 1852-1864, Sovind, Voer, Skanderborg, Kirkeboeger, Opslag 25 Birth record of Jens:  Born 12 October, 1858 Presented 23 December, 1858 Baptised 17 January, 1859    Father, Farmer Rasmus Pedersen and Hustru Ane Kirstine Jacobsen of Aaes. Witnesses: Pigen Dorthea ....... Hansen...
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Saunders: Historical Society and Museum

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
The Saunders County Museum is a tribute to the pioneers who sought a better life on the prairie. Early settlers were predominantly Czech, Germans and Swedes drawn to Saunders County for the opportunity to own a piece of land. Railroads helped development and towns flourished along their lines....
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Saunders: Ashland Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
Preserving, recording and "telling" the rich history of the Ashland NE community and area   http://www.ashlandhi...es/default.aspx
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Sarpy: County Museum

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
The Museum belongs to all who support our Mission: to preserve our history, interpret our history, pass on our heritage, educate our children, and maintain our archives.  Thanks to community support, the Sarpy County Museum is able support a research library and archives, preserving our Sarp...
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Pawnee: County History

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
I did not see a sign of recent activity, but the content they link to does seem as though it would be helpful.   http://www.pawneecountyhistory.com/
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Otoe: Nebraska City Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
I am not sure whether this is a larger group or if it is a couple of dedicated people trying to host the information.  Some of the data is quite good so you may wish to check it out.  Some of the links did not function when I tested it this morning, but most of the data is functioning....
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Obituary, Chris Nielson (Nielsen)

Nebraska 04 Mar 2014
Obituary   His parents were Chris and Anna Nielsen, the former of whom died in Denmark, where the latter still lives today in her 91st year, Of their 4 children, two live in Nebraska, Niels C. and Chris, the latter of whom conducts a store in Rockville Nebraska.  The Father owned a farm...
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Nebraska 01 Jan 2014
This is really where my Danish ancestors seemed to find themselves.  Though Chris and Niels NIELSEN may have come through New York, then on to Iowa and Wisconsin, they finally found themselves at the Danish flag "Dannebrog" Nebraska in the late 1800's.
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Nemaha: Brownville Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
Interesting little site with some very nice stories, images, and information.   Our Society began the movement to restore, preserve and encourage visitors to come to this magical, historic village in 1957. You can be part of that movement and create a lasting legacy.   http://brownville...
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Nebraska Factoid

Nebraska 03 Mar 2014
Capital: Lincoln Population: 1,826,341 (2010) Size: 77,349 square miles Nickname(s): Cornhusker State Motto: Equality Before the Law Tree: Cottonwood Flower: Goldenrod Bird: Western Meadowlark
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Madison: Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
The mission of the Madison County Historical Society shall be to collect, preserve, and display objects relating to Madison county history; and to encourage participation by the cities of Battle Creek, Madison, Meadow Grove, Newman Grove, Norfolk, and Tilden, and their surrounding areas in mainta...
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Lincoln: Historical Museum

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
Welcome to the Lincoln County Historical Museum website. The museum endeavors to reach the broadest range of the public to educate about the historical significance of west central Nebraska and the Platte River Valley. This website is designed to introduce you to our rich history.   This reg...
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Lancaster: American Historical Society of Germans from Ru...

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
This is a group that is close to my family.  My Uncle Whitey's family came from Volga Russia.   An international organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation, and dissemination of information related to the history, cultural heritage and genealogy of Germanic Settle...
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Gage: County Historical Society and Museum

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
Mission Statement: The Gage County Historical Society collects, preserves, and interprets artifacts and archival materials related to the history of Gage County and holds them in trust for present and future generations.   Museum is located at 101 North Second Street, Beatrice, Nebraska (cor...
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Frontier: County Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
Seems like a nice group that is working to preserve history in their own way.   Frontier County Historical Society was organized in 1985 by Ken Wolf to try to preserve the history of Frontier County and the surrounding area of the state of Nebraska.   We have a membership of about 100 p...
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Douglas: Bennington Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
For a town historical society, this sure seems like the place to be.  Their meetings with discussions and appraisals for antiques is really an interesting idea.  They also seem to have meaningful field trips and efforts.  If you are in the area, maybe you could check them out....
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Dawson: Historical Society Museum

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
The Dawson County Historical Society is committed to the preservation of the unique history and culture of Dawson County Nebraska. Our mission takes us beyond our museum in Lexington, working with local historical societies, civic groups, and other organizations across Nebraska. However, pres...
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Chris C. Nielsen

Nebraska 04 Mar 2014
Individual Report for Chris C. Nielsen 20 Feb 1862 - 07 Apr 1949Sex: Male Mother: Anne Marie NielsdatterFather: Christen Nielsen Individual Summary: Chris C. NielsenIndividual Facts:Birth: 20 Feb 1862 in Hinge, Lysgard, Viborg, Denmark; Born in District 2, FT1870, Oplsag 23Baptism:...
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Change Your Last Name Or I Won't Marry You!

Nebraska 01 Jan 2014
So the story goes.   This is where my family line from Denmark met up with an unswayable force called Anna ISAACSON.  And as any good Swedish woman knows, your last name is properly spelled "SON".  Hence my current name of Ronald NIELSON.  Well, that is how the story goes....
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Cass: Murdock Historical Society and Museum

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
The Murdock Historical Society welcomes you to our site and hopes you enjoy learning more about the history of Murdock, Nebraska.  Stop by the museum on a Sunday afternoon and learn a little more about how Murdock began and why our community is still thriving after 140+ years.   http://...
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Buffalo: Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
Buffalo County is rich in the history of the great transportation routes of the past, present, and the future - the Mormon Trail, Union Pacific Railroad, Lincoln Highway, and Interstate 80.   BCHS mission statement: “The object of this Society shall be to bring together those people in...
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Banner: Historical Society

Nebraska 20 Feb 2015
As indicated on this sign on Highway 71,  the Banner County Museum Complex is located 4 miles west on    Spur 4A.  It is well worth getting off the beaten path to see how some of our ancestors lived in the late 1890's and early 1900's.    Located on S4A west off...
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