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Connecticut Counties

County Date Mentor
Fairfield 1666  
Hartford 1666  
Litchfield 1751  
Middlesex 1785  
New Haven 1666 Ronald
New London 1666  
Tolland 1785  
Windham 1726  


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Connecticut Topics

Early Dutch settlement activity

Connecticut 13 Jul 2014
As Adriaen Block sailed up Long Island Sound in 1614, he was struck by the appearance on the mainland of two jutting hills-really massive rocks-guarding an excellent harbor. When he made his map of the region, he named this area Rodenbergh, or Red Hills, after these natural landmarks. The river t...
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First Congregational Church of Pomfret, Marriages

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
WINDHAM COUNTY The town of Pomfret was named 1713. The First Congregational church was formed in 1715. The second church was formed in Abington District 1753. (From the Abington church records.) Married by David Ripley, Pastor GROOM BRIDE DATE OF MARRIAGE Nathaniell Rogers Abiah Ingals March 19,...
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First Congregational Church of Woodstock, Marriages

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
The town of Woodstock was incorporated in 1690, being then attached to Massachusetts, and so continuing for some years after. The First Congregational Church of Woodstock dates from the settlement of the town and the marriage records of the church begin with its organization.     GROOM...
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First Congregational Church, Early Marriages

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
NEW HAVEN The First Congregational Church in New Haven is as old as the town. On the 15th of April, 1638, the first settlers assembled for public worship. The organization of the church was completed in 1639. These marriage records date only from 1758.        ...
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First Congregational, from Mass, Marriages

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
NEW LONDON  The First Congregational Church was organized at Gloucester, Mass., in 1642, removing from thence in 1650 to New London. Consequently we would here correct the mistake made in the Preface of the First Book "Early Connecticut Marriages" and number this as the 10th instead of the 1...
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Founders of Hartford Connecticut

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
Here is a partial list of some of the 163 men and women listed in the Book of Distribution of Land as being those who settled in Hartford, Connecticut before February 1640. The full list of names is on a monument in Hartford's Ancient Burying Ground. Proof of descendancy from any of these people...
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Founding of New Haven County

Connecticut 04 Mar 2014
    New Haven County was constituted by an act of the Connecticut General Court on May 10, 1666, along with Hartford County, Fairfield County, and New London County. The act establishing the county states: This Court orders that from the east bounds of Guilford unto ye west bounds of M...
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Haddam Congregational Church of Middlesex, Marriages

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
MIDDLESEX Town incorporated 1668. Congregational Church organized 1700 though public worship began 1668. No records have been preserved prior to 1756, when Rev. Eleazer May took charge. GROOM BRIDE DATE OF MARRIAGE David Smith Martha Brooks July 27, 1756 Stephen Johnson of Middletown Sarah Ellis...
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Hartford: Genealogical Society, Southington

Connecticut Yesterday, 02:23 PM
The Southington Genealogical Society Inc., founded in 1984, is a non profit organization located in central Connecticut that promotes the accurate recording, research and preservation of family history.   http://southingtonge...calsociety.org/   Meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Avon

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:52 PM
We Want To Hear From You   We believe the strength of any organization depends on the synergy of its membership.   Questions:  If you are interested in joining Avon Historical Society, volunteering for one of our many ongoing projects, have questions about Gift Shop items, or have...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Berlin

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:46 PM
The Berlin Historical Society is a volunteer-run nonprofit organization exploring the depths of Berlin, Connecticut's rich history. We offer exhibits throughout the year in our Museum to showcase the development of Berlin, East Berlin and Kensington, as well as the nation in which our town has fl...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Enfield

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:44 PM
The Enfield Historical Society is a non-profit all-volunteer organization.  Our mission is to preserve the history of Enfield, Connecticut and to educate the public about our town's history.  To achieve these goals we operate museums, collect artifacts and information pertaining to the...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Farmington

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:07 PM
The Farmington Historical Society offers a guided walking tour to the various sites throughout the village which were part of the Mendis stay in Farmington, as well as several sites which were part of the Underground Railroad. The introduction is presented by historical interpreter, Kim A. Silv...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Glastonbury

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:45 PM
In 1935, Glastonbury had no historical society, and the Gideon Welles House stood empty and in the way of a post office that was to be built in Glastonbury Center, at the intersection of Hebron Avenue and Main Street.   http://www.hsgct.org/
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Hartford: Historical Society, Manchester

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:47 PM
Welcome to the Manchester Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to education and preservation. We hope you have an opportunity to visit our museums and attend our history walks and hikes, exhibits, lectures, slide shows, and tours of our historic properties for adults and childr...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Simsbury

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:09 PM
The Simsbury Historical Society occupies a beautiful and convenient two-acre site located in the center of Simsbury.  Tour any of the buildings, attend a special event or visit the archives year-round.   Enjoy the grounds and gardens in full color, spring through fall.  Establ...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Tolland

Connecticut Yesterday, 07:47 PM
By 2017 the Tolland Historical Society will be a vibrant, vital, and visible community organization with exhibits, collections and programs that attract Tolland residents and visitors from near and far. The three historic sites (Courthouse, County Jail, and Benton Homestead) will go beyond the “t...
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Hartford: Historical Society, West Hartford, Noah Webster...

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:05 PM
The Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society (NWH & WHHS) is located in the restored 18th-century birthplace and childhood home of Noah Webster, the creator of the first American dictionary and "Blue-Backed Speller", a teacher, lawyer and early abolitionist. The home was rest...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Wethersfield

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:15 PM
The Wethersfield Historical Society is a 501c3 non-profit membership supported, educational institution devoted to preserving the history ofWethersfield, Connecticut. Chartered by the state in 1932, the Society maintains properties and collections on behalf of its membership and the pub...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Windsor

Connecticut Yesterday, 02:46 PM
The Windsor Historical Society aims to inspire public awareness and appreciation of the diverse people, places, and events that contribute to Windsor’s evolving history.  We preserve and interpret Windsor’s historical record through active collecting, research, exhibitions, programs, and com...
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Hartford: Historical Society, Wintonbury Parish and Bloom...

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:49 PM
This site  features information about the history of the Town of Bloomfield and the Wintonbury Parish from which it was formed. You will learn about the historic people and places of Bloomfield, see results of research being done by members of the Society, and find links to other sites relev...
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Litchfield: Historical Society

Connecticut Yesterday, 02:47 PM
Whatever your interest in the society, feel free to contact us. Members of the staff are especially eager to help students and scholars of all levels with research. If you are interested in conducting research in the society's artifact collection you should make an appointment with the curator...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Barkhamsted

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:39 PM
The Barkhamsted Historical Society is working to preserve and share the history and culture of the Connecticut town of Barkhamsted.  In these pages we hope to share with you information, sights and flavors of Barkhamsted, past and present.   http://barkhamstedhi...rg/Default.a...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Bethlehem

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:44 PM
To preserve and protect Bethlehem's historical sites and pertinent information.   http://www.ci.bethle...ct.us/obhsi.htm    
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Colebrook

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:40 PM
The mission of the Colebrook Historical Society shall be to promote and encourage historical, antiquarian and genealogical research; to preserve and publish same; to educate the community; to collect and display antiquarian and historical objects and records, and to preserve the Rock School build...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Cornwall

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:03 PM
The Society was formed in February, 1964, by a group of citizens who had been working together for a special event that would take place that May: the commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Cornwall’s Civil War hero, Major General John Sedgwick of Cornwall Hollow. They pla...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Goshen

Connecticut Yesterday, 07:45 PM
Early in the nineteenth century Goshen's leading citizens wanted to found a school which would offer advanced courses not available in the district schools. Two clergymen were instrumental in encouraging influential citizens to establish an academy and erect a suitable building. The legislature a...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Kent

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:23 PM
We are a donor-supported nonprofit organization. Our mission is to collect, preserve, interpret and present the rich history of Kent as well as to provide educational and research material to enrich the public understanding of Kent’s artistic and cultural heritage.   http://kenthistoricalsoc...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, New Hartford

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:06 PM
The New Hartford Historical Society is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1938 and for many years displayed its artifacts and memorabilia in the New Hartford Community House (damaged by fire and then taken down in 1947) and in the old New Hartford Library building. It was reactivated in 19...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Norfolk

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:34 PM
The Norfolk Historical Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization established in 1960 with a mission to promote and encourage historical and genealogical research; to procure, preserve and publish records pertaining to the town of Norfolk, Connecticut; and to procure and preserve artifacts relati...
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Litchfield: Historical Society, Warren

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:09 PM
Warren was settled in 1737 as part of the Town of Kent.  In 1750 a separate ecclesiastical society called the Society of East Greenwich was established and a church was founded in 1756. In 1786 Warren was incorporated as a separate town.   Even though for most of its history Warren has...
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Middlesex: Historical Society

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:55 PM
Founded in 1901, the Middlesex County Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Middlesex County and providing programs for adults and children to increase their understanding of the area’s past. Museum exhibits, historic graveyard walking tours, C...
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Middlesex: Historical Society, Chester

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:27 PM
Located at an historic 1860s mill site overlooking a waterfall, Chester Museum at The Mill features two floors of award-winning permanent and seasonal changing exhibits.  While the Society has been active since 1970, the building was purchased in 2000 and opened as a museum in 2009.  Lo...
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Middlesex: Historical Society, Essex

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:51 PM
The Essex Historical Society The Essex Historical Society was formed and incorporated in 1955. According to news reports at the time, the town was about to announce its intention to sell Hills Academy. It was no longer useful to the Town for classroom space and had been rented to various tenant...
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Middlesex: Historical Society, Haddam

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:16 PM
The Society also offers a variety of educational and entertaining programs throughout the year including local history lectures, walking tours, exhibits and hands-on workshops in addition to hosting the Connecticut Spring Antiques Show, one of the nation's premiere pre-1840 Americana venues. Our...
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Middlesex: Historical Society, Westbrook

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:48 PM
The mission of the Westbrook Historical Society is:   1. To perpetuate the memory of the original settlers of Westbrook. 2. To promote the study of the history of Westbrook and encourage interest in it. 3. To acquire, preserve and display documents, relics and records relating to the history...
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Montville, First Congregational Church, Oakdale, Marriages

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
NEW LONDON COUNTY The First Congregational Church was organized in 1722 at Oakdale, being then in the North district of New London. The following are the records of the Oakdale church and are all that exist: Marriages by Rev. James Hillhouse. GROOM BRIDE DATE OF MARRIAGE Sylvester Baldwin Elizabe...
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New Haven Colony Historical Society

Connecticut 11 Nov 2014
14 Whitney Ave., New Haven Conn., 06510
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New Haven: Historical Society, Cheshire

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:59 PM
Our Mission Statement Keeping Cheshire's history alive through our museum's collections, exhibitions and programs.   Our Purpose The purpose of this society is to collect and preserve whatever may serve to explain or illustrate the archaeology, the art and literature, the history civil, ec...
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New Haven: Historical Society, Derby

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:43 PM
Every January the Historical Society begins its year by holding our Annual Twelfth Night Celebration at the Humphreys House. We do so in deference to the Humphreys family, who would not have celebrated Christmas in the traditional sense we do today for religious reasons during the period the hous...
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New Haven: Historical Society, East Haven

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:50 PM
To share and preserve the history of the Town of East Haven. Accomplishments of the East Haven Historical Society • Sponsorship of East Haven Historical Markers (Town Hall & town line, Rte 1). • Contribution of $2,000 to the Old Stone Church steeple restoration fund. • Replacement of...
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New Haven: Historical Society, Middlebury

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:05 PM
The Middlebury Historical Society is located near the Middlebury Green on Library Road, Middlebury Connecticut in a building that is on the National Register of Historic Places. It began as Center School, a two room school house built in the 1800's and later housed the Middlebury Public Library....
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New Haven: Historical Society, Orange

Connecticut Yesterday, 07:13 PM
Founded in 1964, the Orange Historical Society strives to collect and preserve those items of history that pertain to the settlement of Orange as well as the surrounding area. In addition to protecting the history and the future of the Town of Orange, the Society maintains the Stone-Otis House, a...
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New Haven: Historical Society, Oxford

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:48 PM
Located at 60 Towner Lane in Oxford, the museum is open on the first and third Sunday of each month.  Admission is free.   During the first 225 years of Oxford’s history, lighting to extend the sunlight was unsatisfactory, particularly in winter when days were short.  Burning stick...
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New Haven: Historical Society, Wolcott

Connecticut Yesterday, 07:52 PM
To discover, procure and preserve whatever may relate to civil, military, literacy and ecclesiastical history and biography in general, and especially with references to the Town of Wolcott; to investigate and preserve such traditions as now exist only in the memory of aged persons; to procure an...
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New London: Historical Society

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:42 PM
Founded in 1870, the New London County Historical Society is the oldest historical organization in eastern Connecticut and one of the oldest in the nation.   The Shaw Mansion, built in 1756, has been our headquarters since 1907. We are located near the corner of Bank and Tilley Streets in Ne...
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New London: Historical Society, Colchester

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:37 PM
It is the goal of the Colchester Historical Society to increase citizen and community awareness of the unique heritage of Colchester and the region. The Society owns and maintains the Reverend John Ballard House Museum and the Zagray Homestead.  In addition, the Society has been instrumental...
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New London: Historical Society, Lebanon

Connecticut Yesterday, 03:26 PM
Come explore with us. Lebanon is a small rural town in eastern Connecticut where English settlers first lived and farmed more than 300 years ago. It is also a place that played an unexpectedly important role in the American Revolution. This web site will introduce you to all that history and we h...
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New London: Historical Society, Mystic River

Connecticut Yesterday, 08:36 PM
The Mystic River Historical Society, founded in 1973, owns an ever-growing collection of Mystic-related historical books, maps, photographs, and other documents and artifacts contributed by the community.  We house these collections in the William A. Downes Archives Building, erected by the...
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New London: Historical Society, Norwich

Connecticut Yesterday, 02:52 PM
Welcome to the Norwich Historical Society! Our mission is to help preserve, protect and promote the rich history of Norwich Connecticut. Our website provides you with resources to learn about interesting and educational events, put you in touch  with experts who can help with genealogy...
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