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Connecticut Images


Connecticut Counties

County Date Mentor
Fairfield 1666 Contribute?
Hartford 1666 Ronald
Litchfield 1751 Ronald
Middlesex 1785 Contribute?
New Haven 1666 Ronald
New London 1666 Contribute?
Tolland 1785 Contribute?
Windham 1726 Contribute?


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Connecticut Topics

Church Records Reported Lost

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
RECORDS LOST. The following is the list of Congregational Churches so far reporting the loss of their Baptism and Marriage records prior to 1800.     Church                                  ...
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Congregational Church and Society, Canterbury, Pomfret, a...

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
BROOKLYN. WINDHAM COUNTY. Congregational Church and Society taken out of Canterbury, Pomfret and Mortlake, 1736. Township formed 1752. Marriage record begun by Rev, Ephraim Avery, the first pastor. Deliverance Woodward & Abigail Jewel of Woodstock,   March 7, 1737 Nathaniel...
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Connecticut Lands, and their loss.

Connecticut 09 Mar 2014
Basics             The western boundaries of Connecticut have been subject to change over time. According to the Hartford Treaty with the Dutch, signed on September 19, 1650, but never ratified by the British, the western boundary of Connecticut ran north from Greenw...
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Dispute with New York

Connecticut 21 Mar 2014
Dispute with New York     A patent issued on March 12, 1664, granted the Duke of York "all the land from the west side of Connecticut River to the east side of Delaware Bay." In October, 1664, Connecticut and New York agreed to grant Long Island to New York, and establish the boundary...
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Dispute with Pennsylvania

Connecticut 21 Mar 2014
Dispute with Pennsylvania         In 1754 the Susquehannah Company of Windham, Connecticut obtained from a group of Native Americans a deed to a tract of land along the Susquehanna River which covered about one-third of present-day Pennsylvania. This venture met with the disa...
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Early Connecticut Settlement and Churches

Connecticut 23 Mar 2014
         The first settlers of Connecticut came from Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth Colonies and located at Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield. All alike being devoted disciples of Christ, Gospel ministers came also, and at once Christian worship was establ...
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Early Dutch settlement activity

Connecticut 13 Jul 2014
As Adriaen Block sailed up Long Island Sound in 1614, he was struck by the appearance on the mainland of two jutting hills-really massive rocks-guarding an excellent harbor. When he made his map of the region, he named this area Rodenbergh, or Red Hills, after these natural landmarks. The river t...
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New Haven Colony Historical Society

Connecticut 11 Nov 2014
14 Whitney Ave., New Haven Conn., 06510
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Welcome to Connecticut

Connecticut 26 Sep 2014
Welcome to our discussion forums for the state of Connecticut.  We are beginning to place more content on our website in the hope you will find something of interest to you. In the coming weeks we will begin to add more information concerning the state.   If you have any historical or g...
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Western Connecticut Territorial Claims Map

Connecticut 29 Dec 2013
I hope to find out where this map came from so I can properly credit the source, but for now I wanted to post this and to test the upload of images to a posting.
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