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New Jersey Counties

County Date Mentor
Atlantic 1837 Contribute?
Bergen 1683 Contribute?
Burlington 1694 Contribute?
Camden 1844 Contribute?
Cape May 1692 Contribute?
Cumberland 1748 Contribute?
Essex 1683 Contribute?
Gloucester 1686 Contribute?
Hudson 1840 Contribute?
Hunterdon 1714 Ronald
Mercer 1838 Contribute?
Middlesex 1683 Contribute?
Monmouth 1683 Contribute?
Morris 1739 Contribute?
Ocean 1850 Contribute?
Passaic 1837 Contribute?
Salem 1694
Somerset 1688 Ronald
Sussex 1753 Ronald
Union 1857 Contribute?
Warren 1824 Ronald

New Jersey

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New Jersey Topics

Dutch Reverand, Guliam Betholf

New Jersey 04 Mar 2014
Rev. Guliam Betholf was originally a schoolmaster and "voorleser," or clerk, in the church at Hackensack. He was sent by the congregation to Holland in 1693 to be licensed and ordained, and seems to have commended himself to the classes of Amsterdam, for they cheerfully g...
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New Jersey Basics

New Jersey 14 Feb 2014
     New Jersey is a state in the Northeastern and Middle Atlantic regions of the United States. It is bordered on the north and east by New York State, on the southeast and south by the Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Pennsylvania, and on the southwest by Delaware. New Jersey is th...
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New Jersey Beginnings

New Jersey 22 Mar 2014
             The Jerseys originated as a colony in 1664. In 1675 West Jersey passed into the control of the Quakers. In 1680 East Jersey came partially under Quaker influence. In August, 1664, Charles II seized New York, New Jersey, and all the Du...
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New Jersey Blues

New Jersey 02 Mar 2014
From The Hereditary Register of the United States of America Published by The Hereditary Register Publications 444 West Camelback Rd., Suite 305, Phoenix, AZ 85013 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 77-82348         The Ancient and Honourable Order of the Jersey Blues w...
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New Netherland

New Jersey 09 Feb 2014
IN COMMON with other maritime nations of Western Europe, the upbuilding of Spain, by reason of her West India trade, led Holland to seek in the New World equal if not greater commercial prestige. The cause was one that appealed to the Dutch. Hating Spain with deadly hatred, ambitious to test her...
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New Sweden

New Jersey 09 Feb 2014
The advent of Sweden in the valley of the Delaware was due to three causes: jealousy of the growth of Holland as a commercial world power, desire to establish colonies as a manifestation of Swedish nationalization under the rule of Gustavus Adolphus, and the shrewdness of Willem Usselinx, merchan...
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The Durham Boats and their role in the Revolution

New Jersey 22 Mar 2014
           The Durham boats were a type of barge that was pointed on each end.  They were mainly used to transport iron ore from the northern portions of the Delaware river to Philadelphia.  These boats were stowed along the Delaware river, transported Iron...
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The Initial Flock Of Mr. Frelinghuysen.

New Jersey 04 Mar 2014
We have then, at the time Mr. Frelinghuysen took charge of the religious interests in this vicinity, three churches, more or less completely organized. Raritan in 1699, Three-Mile Run in 1703, and North-Branch in 1719. In process of time the Three-Mile Run church was divided, one p...
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The Olden Times of New Jersey

New Jersey 22 Mar 2014
Interesting site with a variety of information.  I am going back to check on their recipes section.  Yum!   http://theoldentimes...ld_news_nj.html
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The Settlers Of East New Jersey

New Jersey 09 Feb 2014
To the province of East Jersey the settlers brought a strong spirit of political and religious independence. Whether they came from Massachusetts, the Connecticut Valley, from the "shore" communities of Long Island, or from the Calvinistic centers of England and Scotland, they were filled with th...
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The Settlers Of West New Jersey

New Jersey 09 Feb 2014
The close of the seventeenth century in England was marked, in one respect, by a widespread interest concerning colonial affairs. The age of fable touching the mother country's transatlantic possessions, when effort was made to find the palm-crowned isles of the Indies at the headwaters of the Hu...
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