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Go Ancestry!

We are presenting an interactive work space that allows us to mingle with others that are researching or are passionate about genealogy, history, or their family tree. In researching our own family tree, we quickly learned that there is a lot of information that can be found on the internet, some good and accurate, some not. Therefore, we thought to integrate our passion for history and ancestry with another, web development and the internet.

Our features will enable interaction with others, while keeping your personal information private. For some, you may wish will to link to your personal Facebook or Twitter accounts and participate on this site while sharing on those at the same time. All of these choices are left up to you as an individual. Please review our Privacy Policy which is found on the bottom right hand corner of each page. You can personalize your experience even more once you CREATE AN ACCOUNT . Rest assured, having an account does not permit any of your personal information to be shared, and we keep all records private. We will NEVER willingly share your information with any other entity. We don't send emails to members, but there is an integrated option that will allow you to sign up for some type of notification. To understand other features of the site, please visit our FEATURES page.

Additional aspects of our site include the various ARTICLES, BLOGS, FORUMS, and additional content pages. Our ARTICLES will focus on aspects of research and "How To" information that will hopefully help you build your own success. The BLOG section is more of a journey describing various aspects of our efforts. I hope you will find them interesting. Please browse around to see what we offer and consider joining our collaboration space. We will be happy to help you with your family research if we have the knowledge and ability to do so. We also encourage you to share your information and help others via the FORUMS.

Well, I hope you find something interesting. If you are not ready to join today, come back in the future and see how we are doing. Happy researching!

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The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol 7-9

New York 20 Aug 2014
Volumes 7-9 appear in one book.  This is the Index.   Ancient Families of New York, Contributions to the History of, by Edwin R. Purple, 49, 117, 145. Baptismal Records of Reformed Dutch Church in New York, 19, 69, 125, 161. Biography of John Ledyard, 1 ; Capt. Bryan Newton, 97....
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Research Links

Vermont 01 Mar 2014
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Maryland Historical Society

Maryland 09 Feb 2014
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Illinois State Historical Society

Illinois 28 Sep 2014
Address: Strawbridge-Shepherd House 5255 Shepherd Road P.O. Box 1800 Springfield, IL 62705-1800   Website: http://www.historyillinois.org/   About: The Illinois State Historical Society was founded in 1899 to support the Illinois State Historical Library and to encourage research and wr...
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Texas State Historical Assocation

Texas 04 Oct 2014
Website: https://www.tshaonline.org/   About:      Since 1897, a select group of very special people have made a pledge to keep Texas history alive. They have been driven by the belief that without an understanding of our history, every generation must start over. They are a p...
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Preservation Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania 03 Mar 2014
     Preservation Pennsylvania is the Commonwealth's only statewide, private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of historically and architecturally significant resources.   http://www.preservationpa.org/
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2 Months Later

I guess it is really hard to describe what we are trying to do. 1. We both really enjoy performing our own family research and finding those long lost facts somewhere. I have had a great time tracing family through Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and New York as my family came from Denmark, Sweden, Ge...
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About Us

We are Interested in history and researching ancestral lines. Our primary focus has been upon the eastern United States and European heritage.
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