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    I don't doubt that this is frustrating for our users and for some of the sites that have been linking to us, but rest assured we are getting the transfer completed as soon as we can. Many of our software features are already working and those other page presentations are high on our list to improve.  Please be patient while we continue to work on the site.

    Why did we upgrade?  This new software version will allow us to present content much more efficiently and it will last into the future.  We are trying to build this site for our current users and those that will join us in the future.

Go Ancestry!

We are presenting an interactive work space for those that are researching or are passionate about genealogy, history, or their family tree. In researching our own family tree, we quickly learned that there is so much information that can be found on the internet, some good and accurate, some not. Therefore, we thought to integrate our passion for history and ancestry with another, web development and the internet. I hope you will spend some time here and join in the discussion.

For information about how we have constructed the site, how to use its features, and how you might wish to participate, please visit our Website Information Section. Please review our Privacy Policy which is found on the bottom right hand corner of each page. You can personalize your experience even more once you CREATE AN ACCOUNT . Rest assured, having an account does not permit any of your personal information to be shared, and we keep all records private. We don't send emails to members, but there is an integrated option that will allow you to sign up for some type of notification.

We will be happy to help you with your family research if we have the knowledge and ability to do so. We also encourage you to share your information and help others via the FORUMS. Well, I hope you find something interesting. If you are not ready to join today, come back in the future and see how we are doing. Happy researching!

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