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Website Features

We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a few of the integrated applications or features that are available to all of our users. Most of these aplpications can be found along the top of each page within the "navigation bar". We have tried to arrange the applications alphabetically.

The first item is GOANCESTRY. Here you can find out ABOUT US, use BLOGS, CALENDAR and CHAT. Of course this page and some general guidelines about the usage rules of the site and etiquette.

Next, is our ACTIVITY MENU. Here you will find basic information about the site such as who is ONLINE, a SEARCH button, link to our website STAFF,and finally; the ACTIVTY that is taking place here.

GAS and PALAM are focused upon one of our passions, German Genealogy.

Now, take some time becoming familiar with what each of these are used for. You will find some of our primary applications that you can use here:

  • BLOGS: Our blogging software allows members to create their own blogs. We do the hosting, you do the blogging.

  • CALENDAR: We will have multiple calendars that hold information about upcoming club events, historically important dates, and of course member birthdays (if you enter your birth information in your profiel and agree to share it.

  • CHAT: Our chat software. We allow any member to start an instant chat session with another user. You can also schedule sessions and invite your friends, club members, or research team to join you in a private or public web chat room.

  • FORUMS: This is our primary area allowing members to share information, ask questions, respond, and collaborate with other members.

  • GALLERY: I really like pictures and maps. There are general albums for site use and each member can create their own album to share pictures they have.

  • REGIONAL PAGES: This is where you find more information regarding: International and US regions (Midwest, Northeast, South, West)

  • PALATINES TO AMERICA: This is one of our favorite internet organizations. We are even trying our best to help and participate with PALAM. GIve them some thought as a group you might want to be a part of as well.