• Descendants and Ancestors, together they are the fabric of Genealogy and Family Tree Research.  Many of the historical aspects of our ancestry are the places and records that describe them in a historical context.  On our Kansas Genealogy pages we focus on providing specific information pertaining to the immigration and settlement activity that took place.  We examine historical information that might exist within Church or Probate Records.  Land and tax information from Kansas county courthouses may also prove to be valuable sources to support your family tree. Finally, most of our ancestors may have left final notices in the cemeteries, wills, newspapers, or other record repositories that are available on the Internet now. 

    We are taking an additional step to assist you in your Family Tree efforts by providing focused links, digital records, and other pertinent information using a regional underpinning methodology and one other important tool, distance digital communication tools. We have Galleries that include historical images and records.  Forums to collaborate with others that share an interest in the same area, culture, or maybe even the same ancestral family name. We are providing this site to allow interaction with others, free of charge, to learn about tools, to help each other, to understand your Ancestry DNA, and get the most out of the community.

    We are presenting quality information and a collaborative environment that will help you discover your family history. Information for how you can contribute is here. I hope you will consider becoming a member which lets you generate topics and share on Facebook to connect with others however, feel free to browse the site.If you have questions, send a message by going to the about us page.

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The table below lists the State Counties. If there is currently no guide listed, consider volunteering some of your time or information. Please refer to the state collaboration link above to share information or ask questions.

County Date Guide County Date Guide
Allen 1855 Anderson 1855  
Atchison 1855   Barber 1867  
Barton 1867   Bourbon 1855  
Brown 1855   Butler 1855  
Chase 1859   Chautauqua 1875  
Cherokee 1855   Cheyenne 1873  
Clark 1885   Clay 1857  
Cloud 1866   Coffey 1855  
Comanche 1867   Cowley 1867  
Crawford 1867   Decatur 1873  
Dickinson 1857   Doniphan 1855  
Douglas 1855 Edwards 1874  
Elk 1875   Ellis 1867  
Ellsworth 1867   Finney 1883  
Ford 1867   Franklin 1855
Geary 1855   Gove 1868  
Graham 1867   Grant 1888  
Gray 1887   Greeley 1873  
Greenwood 1855   Hamilton 1873  
Harper 1867   Harvey 1872
Haskell 1887   Hodgeman 1867  
Jackson 1855 Jefferson 1855  
Jewell 1867   Johnson 1855
Kearny 1887   Kingman 1872  
Kiowa 1886   Labette 1867  
Lane 1873   Leavenworth 1855  
Lincoln 1867   Linn 1855
Logan 1888   Lyon 1855  
Marion 1860   Marshall 1855  
McPherson 1867   Meade 1885  
Miami 1855   Mitchell 1867  
Montgomery 1867   Morris 1855  
Morton 1886   Nemaha 1855  
Neosho 1855   Ness 1867  
Norton 1867   Osage 1855  
Osborne 1867   Ottawa 1860  
Pawnee 1867   Phillips 1867  
Pottawatomie 1857   Pratt 1867  
Rawlins 1873   Reno 1867  
Republic 1868   Rice 1867  
Riley 1855   Rooks 1867  
Rush 1867   Russell 1867  
Saline 1860   Scott 1873  
Sedgewick 1867 Seward 1873  
Shawnee 1855   Sheridan 1873  
Sherman 1873   Smith 1867  
Stafford 1867   Stanton 1887  
Stevens 1886   Sumner 1867  
Thomas 1873   Trego 1867  
Wabaunsee 1855   Wallace 1868  
Washington 1857   Wichita 1873  
Wilson 1855   Woodson 1855  
Wyandotte 1859