• Welcome to genealogy and history at GoAncestry! We are striving to focus upon emigration from primarily European countries and subsequent immigration to North American regions.  Many of our users are looking back towards their ancestors, but we also wish to help those in the homelands find the paths their descendants took after they departed.  We are willing to assist our homeland researchers in any way that we can.  Our forums allow for interaction, and we can provide at least the basic translation service to help in our collaborations.  If you are looking for your ancestors or descendants, please join us, we will work together if that will help.

    Welkom op de Belgische genealogie en geschiedenis aan GoAncestry! We streven ernaar om zich te concentreren op emigratie uit voornamelijk Europese landen en de daaropvolgende immigratie naar de Noord-Amerikaanse regio's. Veel van onze leden zijn op zoek terug naar hun voorouders, maar willen we ook om te helpen die in de thuislanden vinden de paden hun nakomelingen nam nadat ze vertrokken. Wij zijn bereid om ons thuisland onderzoekers te helpen op een manier die we kunnen. Onze forums zorgen voor interactie, en we in ieder geval kunnen zorgen voor de elementaire vertaaldienst te helpen in onze samenwerking. Als u op zoek bent naar uw voorouders of nakomelingen, dan kunt u met ons mee, wij zullen samenwerken als dat zal helpen.

    Bienvenue à la généalogie et à l'histoire belge chez GoAncestry! Nous nous efforçons de nous concentrer sur l'émigration de pays principalement européens et l'immigration subséquente vers les régions nord-américaines. Beaucoup de nos utilisateurs regardent en arrière vers leurs ancêtres, mais nous voulons également aider ceux dans les patries à trouver les chemins que leurs descendants ont pris après leur départ. Nous sommes prêts à aider nos chercheurs de la patrie de toutes les façons possibles. Nos forums permettent l'interaction, et nous pouvons fournir au moins le service de traduction de base pour aider dans nos collaborations. Si vous recherchez vos ancêtres ou descendants, joignez-vous à nous, nous travaillerons ensemble si cela vous aidera.



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The table below lists the Constituent Provinces and their respective Capitals. This is a good starting place when preparing for research about ancestors. Though maps change over time and rulers as well, records of specific localities may still be found in the current State archives. Sometimes there are even challenges finding the right alignment of a record to the archive based upon the date the historical record was created. If the States are highlighted, they contain a link to subsequent focused information. If they are not highlighted, information has not been developed for that State. If there is currently no guide listed, you can consider volunteering some of your time or information. Please refer to the sitewide collaboration link above to share information or ask questions.

Province Flag Flemish or Walloon Capital Guide
Flemish Antwerpen
East Flanders
Flemish Gent   
Flemish Brabant
Flemish Leuven  
Flemish Hasselt   
West Flanders
Flemish Brugge 
Walloon Mons   
Walloon Liege   
Walloon Arlon   
Walloon Namur   
Walloon Brabant
Walloon Wavre   
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      The GoAncestry Library is coming to you!       We are beginning our efforts to place our physical and digital genealogy and history library on line. This effort will provide Bibliographic information to those areas of the website where they may help you. The hope is to make our library more useful to our members from distant areas.         Initially we will get the Book Titles placed into a new topic, then we will add the table of contents, and lastly we hope to provide some meaningful book reviews.  This effort is beginning to take shape in our Pennsylvania areas. Regional specific books will be able to be found on the county and sate pages. Additionally all of the books will find their way into the forum regions as topics. If you have questions, want some more information, or are aware of material that is included in one of these volumes, you should post your comment directly into that forum topic.        It will take time for us to get the library fully listed. Our current holdings amount to almost 5,000 volumes and I can't seem to stop acquiring more.  We just love the books, they are so helpful and interesting to us that putting them on line for others is the right thing to do.   Be patient, more books are on the way! 
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      I think it is a common theme really.  Each year as spring opens and the weather allows a release to the outdoors, the website will see a slowing in information.  That is ok, we really love our gardens as well.  I am also a huge fan of grilling foods.  I am not sure any of that will change in years to come either.   We have also taken a grand step in our field research and spent a week primarily in New Jersey with a few stops in Pennsylvania. It was a grand discovery, and yet, it was overwhelming as well. I have yet to go through all of the information that we uncovered.  And again, we found more holes that need attention.  I jokingly tell my bride that I am "DONE" now that I have linked my American lineage to the initial immigrant from Germany.  It is just a joke, there is always more to do. Thankfully so!   In the coming weeks things will settle and we will once again make some time to get more of our information on line.  Expect a wealth of data surrounding the early Tinsmans in America, maybe in Germany as well.  I will see what I can do.  I will also get more linked information posted for other areas.  Finding so many local resources while we traveled has proven that courthouses and societies are very important places to visit, and even make new friends.   I hope you will find something worth your visit, maybe even something Grand!!!!!
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