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    BBQ dry rub

    Ingredients: 1 cup paprika 1 cup light brown sugar 1⁄2 cup salt 1⁄4 cup ground black pepper 1⁄4 cup garlic powder 1⁄4 cup ground mustard 1⁄4 cup chili powder 1 tablespoon onion powder 2 tablespoons cayenne pepper Instructions: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together well with a whisk or with gloved hands. Toss generously on any barbecue you cook, except the whole hog. Any remaining rub can be stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry place for several months. Enjoy!
  2. Getting ready to go on Spring break with the kids, so I will take a look as times permits. Ancestry and Family Search have many records, sometimes people don't interpret them well or are not as selective as they should be in accepting hints or links. It wouldn't be uncommon for their wedding bans to be posted in his town of origin and in hers. Common really. If you have the original record please attach it to the forum, just upload a copy, or send to me using the messenger feature. It may help my find something more.
  3. Pfalz: Landesarchiv Speyer > Billigheim > Taufe 1719-1752, Trauung 1710-1718, 1725 This book is in very bad shape with many of the pages missing sections or segments. I will need time with this book, so far all records are written in French. Image 14 I find that an Ane de la Haye from Steinweiler is a young woman and godparent to the child of Abraham Baileux and Marie. Image 18 Ane de la Haye seems married to Conrad Jacob, munier and they are living in Apenhoffen have child named Mariane Image 26, Maria Bevier remarries, Daniel Boudemont ( Abraham Del Haye is dead?)
  4. I enjoyed the show very much last night. I even liked how it ended.
  5. Is there anything else you are curious about or are you in a good place now with your research?
  6. Trying to capture a list of those surnames that are written in french, just like Abraham del Haye and Marie Beviere. Pierre Decamp David Bran Maria Bretton Abigail Bretton Pierre Baillieu & Marie Susanne Adam Becker & Marie Elisabethe Jean Valetin Ritter (also in German Johan Valentin Ritter and Maria Barbara his wife) Jean Pfaltzgraft Jacques Bailieu de xx Valloni & Susanne Pierre Jacob & Anne Margarithe Isaac Crepet from Steinweiler & Rachel Ptillion Jacob Crepet de Steinweiler Marie Ballieu Augustin de la Croix & Marie Jeane Bude Pierre Monne Phillipe Fevre & Suasanne LaCroix Philipe Budemont & Magdalene Buishel de Rohrbach Isaac Ramon & Esther Beviere zu winden David du Moullon & Juditha Gerardin de Steinweiler Pierre Monnet Jacob Delio & Francoise Bache Pierre Gymarset & Judith Salinger Esther Beviere daughter of Abraham Beviere of Winden Pierre de la cpur Image 18
  7. It seems your line is Catholic. I found another record which states he is from Herxheimweiher which is SE of Landau, small village east of Herxheim bei Landau. Seems the church there was Catholic. It states he was born 17 Aug 1885, Father Ludwig and Mother Karolina and it indicates that in 1905 he worked in Speyer as a Bookbinder from 19 Feb 1905 until 4 Mar 1905. Does this seem the correct person? If so Karolina was also listed deceased; before Feb 1905. Herxheimweiher is predominately Catholic from what scant indications I have found so far. I believe there is a microfilm that the Family History Group possesses of this town and during that time period.
  8. do you know if he was Catholic or Protestant?
  9. Gary, I have a few questions and then will see what I can uncover. First: Was it only LANDAU when referenced? There are many villages near Landau and so just want to ask in case you already have more information. Second, I did a quick look this morning and the specific Landau records during that time period are not yet digitized. Not to worry, they are indicated as coming soon, but sometimes that can be later than you think. Lastly, we are headed to Germany later this year and can possibly visit the archives and get the information from the book or viewer there. If you wish to share any more information to help pinpoint the search please post here or in private message if you prefer.
  10. After the destruction of the old Billigheimer church records, this pastor Marius has created the new, still existing church books in such a way that he kept separate registers for both communities - the French and the German - for the first in French. Even with his successors it has remained at this practice for at least a while. -The names of the clergy are: 1. Joh. Nicol. Chevallier 1678-1692. 2. Joh. Jac. Marius 1692-1704. 3. Joh. Konrad Kilian 1704-1724, at the same time inspector. 4. Otto Valentin 1724-1732. 5. Christian Haldi 1732-1748. 6. Jakob Maurel 1748-1752. 7. Johann Blasius 1752-1772.
  11. Dela place aus Flandern, wallonischer Pfarrer 1655, Jean Jaques Reich, Sohn des Heidelberger Syndikus Reich, wallonischer Pfarrer der Diasporagemeinde Billigheim 1667, später französischer Pfarrer in Lambrecht und zugleich in Billigheim, Jean Ni-colle Chevallier aus Frankreich, 1676/80, Johann Marius aus Lausanne, französisch reformierter Pfarrer 1690/91, französischer Pfarrer in Billigheim, 1691/95 gleichzeitig in Lambrecht, Otterberg und Billigheim, Otto Valentin, wallonischer Pfarrer in Billigheim, 1717/1724, Jakob Maurel, deutscher und wallonischer Pfarrer in Billigheim 1748/71. --- After the destruction of the old Billigheimer church records, this pastor Marius has created the new, still existing church books in such a way that he kept separate registers for both communities - the French and the German - for the first in French. Even with his successors it has remained at this practice for at least a while. -The names of the clergy are: 1. Joh. Nicol. Chevallier 1678-1692. 2. Joh. Jac. Marius 1692-1704. 3. Joh. Konrad Kilian 1704-1724, at the same time inspector. 4. Otto Valentin 1724-1732. 5. Christian Haldi 1732-1748. 6. Jakob Maurel 1748-1752. 7. Johann Blasius 1752-1772. --- Zwischen 1692 und 1748 treten in Billigheim folgende Namen auf: De la haye, Ptillion, Montillion 1695, Archet aus Bühl in Flandern 1696, Bondame (Bontam, Bondemont) 1699, Bondier, Remo (auch Remaux, de Reman, Schweizer, später katholisch) 1710, de monton aus Lausanne, Guinand 1703, Baques, Bourgignon, Corge, du moulin, Bréton, Bally 1705, de la Croix, de la cour, la courage, de fièvre, le luc, le Brand, de latre, Corneille 1709, Punier 1710, de la place, Guillon 1711, Savary (Schweizer) 1712, de prez (dupré) 1714, Viande, Vache, Bruvuri aus Friedrichsthal 1720, Bossut, de Gor-get aus dem Wallonen-Bund 1721, Getune, Rugur 1722, Erny aus Langendorf, Schweiz, le beau, Schulmeister Monno, Marbey (Schweizer) 1726, Gachot, Garnot 1731, Lötty (Schweizer) 1734, Le cour 1740, Sautevin 1741.
  12. En 1670 Billigheim, Steinweiller, Rohrbach, Deutschof,Erlenbach, Klingen, Winden et Barbelroth formaient le baillage du nouveau Lalleu. Il était administré par Henri Boidin descendant de ces Boidin de La Ventie, échevins du pays de lalleu pendant les Troubles . Henri faisait fonction de bailli ; il était entouré d’Antoine Poillon, Mathieu Crespel, Pierre St Losse, Antoine Salomé, Jean Salingre et Jacques Gombert. On trouve deans les registres des paroisses du nouveau lalleu : Billigheim : Jean et Antoine Poillon , Paul Salingre, Jean De Vantier, Jean de Lattre. Rohbach : Antoine Le Roy ; Steinweiller : Jacques et Philippe Gombert, Jean Warembourg, Isaac Bettague, Jean Milleville, Pierre Logié, Philippe De Gardins, Adien Du Pont . Archenweiler : Pierre Bécue. Niuthstadt : Isaac Six. Barbebroth : Jean et Jacques Du Bois. Minfeld : Pierre des Marest. Friesenheim : Pierre de Leurens ,Abraham Sy, Jean Le Conte et Pierre de Vantier (de Wautier) Tous s’étaient installés dans le Palatinat après un séjour dans le « Pays Reconquis
  13. A Bergolz : Pierre de Leurens, né à Friesenheim dans le Palatinat et son épouse Ester Huretienne. Philippe et Jacques Gombert . Ils étaient originaires de Steinweiller, l’une des paroisses du« Baillage du nouvel Lalleu » au sud de Landau dans le Palatinat. Premier maire de Bergholz, Philippe y mourut le 7 novembre 1703. Pierre Logié et sa femme Catherine Le Safre. Cette dernière serait originaire du pays de Lalleu. Pierre Logié était né à Steinweiller. Pierre Bécue. Il avait été précédemment burgmeister d’Archenweyer, dans le Baillage du nouveau Lalleu. Les Bécue étaient originaires de Marck en Calaisis. Jean Salingre1 .Jean était né à Billigheim,baillage du nouveau Lalleu dans le palatinat. Il avait été 1 Les Salingre étaient originaires de Guines et de La Ventie. Le 14 Juin 1676,Jean Salingre , maître tisserand de Guines, 31 ans , fils de Jean Salingre natif de La Ventie,épouse Elizabeth 7 avec Jacques Gombert l’un des échevins de ce Baillage. Isaac Le Maître.. A Ploewen : La famille Houdelet. Jonas Houdelet avait habité Deutschoff, l’un des villages du Baillage du nouveau Lalleu. A Rossow : Isaac Bettac (ou Bettague). Les Bettac avaient habité Steinweiller. Abraham DuVinage :Fils de Jean DuVinage et de Marie Du Riez et son cousin Jean. Les Du Vinage étaient originaires de Coulogne , près de Calais, où Jean était né en 1676. A Fahren Walde : Abraham de Laurens, le fils de l’ancien, Philippe de Laurens . A Wallmow et Battin Abrahan Sy( Sea ou Six) et son épouse Elizabeth Le Conte. Elizabeth était la fille de Jean Le Conte. Elle était née à Friesenheim , Palatinat. Antoine Lefebvre( Le Fevre) et son épouse Marie Noe ( fille de Jacob Noe et de Peronne Steculorum). Marie Noe était née à Oppau dans le Palatinat . Le fils aîné François Lefebvre était né à Neuhaus près de Mannheim en 1680. Il épousera tour à tour à Battin et à Bergholz , Juliette et Suzanne Colié (Caulier). A la naissance de ses sept enfants , Antoine mentionne Fleurbaix , le village de ses ancêtres. Fleurbaix appartient aujourd’hui encore, sur les bords de la Lys , au pays de Lalleu2 .Les Caulier étaient originaires de La Ventie. A Bagemuehl: Pierre De Vantier, né à Friesenheim et son épouse Elizabeth Des Marais née à Mannheim et dont le mariage fut célébré le 6 Octobre 1696 à Battin. Pierre ,en secondes noces, épousera Judith Des Jardins( Du Gardin) A Strasburg François de Lattre ,né à Carlsdorf en Hesse, et son épouse Madeleine Fouquet.Madeleine était née à Minfeld, l’une des paroisses du « baillage du nouveau Lalleu » Nom Lieu d’origine de Coussemaker Tome II Guimbert La Ventie Pages 206,275,398. De Leurens La Gorgue 196,259,260,132 … Sy ou Saye La Gorgue 389 Logié (Logier) Steenwerck Beccu Estaires 137,26(,289,291,237 Le Maitre Lestrem 299,300,330,331 … Salingre La Ventie 152,192,208,269,277,278 … Hostelet(Houdelet) La Gorgue 209,407 Du Riez Lestrem 299,330,331,373.. Du Vinage Pérenchies Le Conte Richebourg 212,300,306,308 … Le Febvre Fleurbaix 235 … 20 Caulier (Colier) La Ventie 192,196,275,288… De Wautier (de Vantier) La Gorgue 190,264,347,348 … Du Gardin La Ventie 279,352,354. De Lattre Sailly/la Lys 233 … Poillon La Ventie 254,256 . Du Bois La Gorgue, La Ventie 196,244,245,262. Du Pont La Ventie 240,278,279,393,405. Vilain (William) Vieille Chapelle. 303,304. Senechal La Ventie 351,354,241,242,398 Six Estaires 146,349,350. Des Maretz Lestrem 334,335 Le Roy Estaires. Nombreuses Warenbourg La Ventie . « « « «
  14. The book records entries in both German and French: I may try to capture surnames here. Baptisms Year Language Surnames 1686 GE Hünstelünd, Johannes & Rosina Glösserin; Johannes Fischer, Margaretha born Fichtmüllerin 1692 GE Lüsch, Hans Adam & Eva Müllerin; Valentin Ruhlmann, Christian Schopper mit Anna Maria 1692 GE Berger, Ulrich & Maria Catharina Schererin; Hans Georg Löbinger mit Anna Maria ......... then this entry is written at top of page 2. Weilen das alter kirchenbucher verlohren gegangen so hat man auf Zeugnuss erlicher lebendiger Zeugen einigen der hier Nachst stehenden eingeshrieben um Pfare Taufsheine ertheilen zu konnen If the old church books have been lost, one has been able, on the strength of a witness of living witnesses, to instruct some of the people standing here to give baptismal baptisms ............. A close examination of the cover of this CB and the Pastors entry states this begins in 1703. Based upon the above statement it seems any entry depicting baptisms before 1703 would be based on the recollection of members of the parish in subsequent years. --- 1696 GE Ulm, Wendel & Anna Catharina; Wendel Fischer, mit Anna Maria 1697 GE Köhler, Philipp Jacob & Anna Susanna; Hans Adam Schmidt, Catharina Nüssin both single 1698 GE Pierre Dann von der Wallonischen gemeinde dir mutter Catharina gebohren Creützin
  15. Pastor, Johann Conrad Kilian, Lutrea Palatino The labeling above comes from the digital imaging description and though I do not have each word transcribed, the record as written by the Pastor does not use those words. I will try to Transcribe what the Pastor actually wrote. It sheds some light on the lost book. This is NOT correct, but a start in determining what was written. -------- Nachdem das bisherige Kirchenbuch gerade dieses Jahr in der fränkischen Plünderung nach Leutzweiler allwu abgeschlossen war, ist es in die Irre gegangen. Nachfolgend fortgesetzt. Von Otto Valentin Rhato Feütshund? Wallone Pastor sodauni von Christian Haldi von Diedendorstein feutzle? Lutharino feutshund? und wallonischer Pastor Allhier Perner von Jacob Maurel Heidelbergensi, auch Eutschund? walloon pastor all hier. -- After the previous church book was completed this year in the Franconian plunder to Leutzweiler allwu, it has gone astray. Continued below. By Otto Valentin Rhato Feütshund? Wallon Pastor sodauni by Christian Haldi von Diedendorstein feutzle? Lutharino feutshund? and Walloon Pastor Allhier Perner by Jacob Maurel Heidelbergensi, also Eutschund? walloon pastor all here. -------
  16. This book actually contains an entry describing how Walloon people are being recorded in another book. This significant piece of information may explain how multiple families from different areas may have lived here at the same time, but may not really be related as direct family, just the same surnames. Further inspection is warranted. Another issue is identified in the German word description of this book. The Billigheim Church Book was removed from the area in the hope of safekeeping, apparently it has been lost to history though. How wonderful would it be to find that book and not have to make assumptions or guesses about family ancestors. a 1686, 1692-1752 S. 1-234 b 1709-1752 S. 253-278 c 1710-1751 S. 279-300 d 1705-1748 S. 235-250 Billigheim und Appenhofen; S. 301-352: Protokolle zu Versammlungen des Konsistoriums 1704-1746 (= B.-Ingenheim, 6814); OT: Kirchenbuch der Reformirten Gemein in Billigheim und Abbenhofen; das vorhergehende KB war "im Jahr der französischen Plünderung in Brutzweiler, wohin es geflüchtet worden war", verloren gegangen; Church book of the Reformed Church in Billigheim and Appenhofen; the previous KB had been "lost in the year of the French plunder in Brutzweiler, where it had fled"; Pfalz: Landesarchiv Speyer > Billigheim > Taufe 1686, 1692-1752, Trauung 1709-1752, Beerdigung 1710-1751, Konfirmation 1705-1748 Reformed: 1686, 1692 - 1752 S 1 - 234 1709 - 1752 S 253 - 278 1710 - 1751 S 279 - 300 1705 - 1748 S 235 - 250
  17. I need to go back and reset expectations concerning these CB records. It seems there were different groupings of people that used different churches or pastors to record information about their family events. Billigheim is no exception, maybe even more the unique environment in which to study the people in the region. Each subsequent entry in the forum resource section will concern a single book vice the books of Billigheim. I believe that Billigheim had shared their facility with existing residents, and various groupings of immigrants/refugees that came into the area. This "melting pot" of people from Germany, Northern France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Southern France makes deciphering the record entries much more of a challenge than I have experienced elsewhere.
  18. Looking for records in the area that might contain links to the de la Haye family names, Petillion, Bevier, Herlan, Schauer, etc..... Pfalz: Zentralarchiv der Evang. Kirche > Bad Bergzabern > Bad Bergzabern > Taufen, Trauungen, Bestattungen, Konfirmationen 1679-1744 Initially will review the death records to see if any names appear in the entries.
  19. mit Appenhofen, Archenweiler (= Weyrer Mühle), Deutschhof, Dierbach, Hergersweiler, Ingenheim, Kapellen, Mühlhofen, Niederotterbach, Oberhausen, Steinweiler, Winden Pfalz: Zentralarchiv der Evang. Kirche > Bad Bergzabern > Barbelroth > Taufen, Trauungen, Bestattungen, Kommunikanten, Sonstiges 1678-1709, 95 images Sections are: Dates Images Status 1 - 5 , admin Done Sonst 1584 - 1830 6 - 7, mainly latin, postings of Pastors Done 8 header Done Trauen Mar 1679 - Mar 1707 9 - 23 REVIEW Taufen Aug 1678 - 1708 23 - 73 Done Konfirmation 1678 - 1709 73 - 83 Done Taufen 1705 - 1708 83 - 84 Done Bestatigung 1678 - Nov 1680, 85 - 94 Reviewed Nov 1685 - 1697, Dec 1680 - Oct 1685 Sonst 1668 - 1670 94 - 95 Reviewed
  20. Baden: Landeskirchliches Archiv Karlsruhe > Mannheim Franz.-ref. Gemeinde > Taufen Nov. 1672 - 1699 [franz.] [Abschrift aus dem Jahre 1706] Image 4, 27 April 1673 baptised, 23 April born, Isaac Sy & Esther Sy, fille Esther parain Touhsaint le Pair maraine Sara Guemard jeune fille Image 8, 10 _ 3 Dec born 1673, Jaques Machus (MACHEU) et Anne Autem (HOTEM) fille Susanne , parain Phillipe le Leu jeune homme, maraine Susanne le leu jeune fille Image 8, 17 - 10 Dec born 1673 Isaac Geumer et Sara Sy fille Marie, parain Isaac Cap jeune homme, maraine Marie Sy, femme de Nicolas de Vaux Image 12, 31 - 27 May 1674, Martin Bevier & Jeanne Martinel, fille Marguerite, parain Francois Bevier jeune homme, maraine Marguerite Martinel jeune fille Image 12, 2 Aug - born 28 July, Joseph dutoy & Jeanne Lescohierm fils Jean, parein Job Scabel jeune homme, mareine Anne de la Haye jeune fille Image 13, 16 - 11 Aug 1674, Jean de la pierre & marie Sy fill Jeanne, parein Isaac Sy jeune homme mareine Marie le Turcq feme de pierre Gombert image 22, 5 - 3 Mar 1676, Sara Descombres veuve d'Abraham Sy fille Marie Jeanne, paein pierre du four, Mareine Jeanne Flourzen jeune fille image 25, 9 - 9 Sep 1676, Nicolas Petillon & Barbe Bont, fille Marie, parein Andre Petillon Mareine Marie Barbery femme de Nicolas Franc image 25 24 - 22 Sep 1676, Martin Bevier & Jeanne Martinel, fille jeanne, parein Noe de la Haye Jeune homme, Mareine Jeanne Desgardin veuve de Jacob Pierre Image 41, 23 - 21 Mar 1679, Imer Jenay & Judith le Comte, fils Jean, parein Matthieu le Comte mareine Anne de la Haye, jeune fille Image 43, 10 2 Aug 1679, Jean Vzille & Suzanne de Fief, fils Samuel, parein Jean Soyer Jeune homme, Mareine Anne de la Haye, Jeune fille Image 48, 5 - 3 Sep 1680, Isaac Bailleux & Anne de la Haye, fille Anne parein Jean Vzille mareine Elisabeth du Feux fmme d' Isaac Lallemand Image 52, 27 - 20 Mar 1681, Pierre Fournier & Jeanne pernas fille Suzanne parein Jean Chenebenoit mareine Suzanne de la Haye Sa femme, Image 56, 19 - 16 April 1682, Isaac Bailleul & Anne de la Haye, fille Marie parein Jean Baptiste de Lattre Mareine Mariele Turc Sa femme Image 68, 23 - 15 Mar 1684 Isacc Bailleux & Anne De la Haye, fille Judith, parein Jean Jaques Kessler pasteur de cette Eglise mareine D'lle Judith Simon, sa femme Through image 68
  21. Cont' Image 85, 23 Mar baptised, 20 Mar born 1668, Isaac Guemard & Sara Sy, nome Pierre, parain pierre Broucard, mariane Peroine Lebaue sa femme Image 86, 31 May baptised 30 May born 1668, Pierre le Cocque Noel lasjet nomee Jeanne, parain Andre le Brun maraine Anne Lotem femme de Jacque Machue tous Bourgeois de cette ville Image 87, 14 Jun baptised, 11 Jun born 1668, Nicolas de Vaux & Marie Sy, parain Philippe Mare jeune homme et pour maraine Marie Petillon jeune fille Image 91, 1 Jan baptised 1669, 25 Dec born 1668 Charles Francois & Marguerite Laurens parain Isaac Sy, maraine Marie Catherine Logie jeune fille Image 104, 29 Jun batised, 23 Jun born 1670, Isaac Guemard Bourgeois de cette ville & Sara Sy ont fait baptiser leur fils Jacob le 29 Juin, ne le 23 dudit mois, a eu pour parein Paul Hibau jeune homme et pour mareine Esther Senechere Jeune fille (Full entry as sample) Image 107, 23 Oct baptised, 16 Oct born 1607, Isaac Si & Esther Sa fils Jacob parein Touffaint le Paire maraine Marie Si image 108 1 Jan 1671 Baptised, 28 Dec 1670 born, Martin Bevier & Jeanne Martinelle fils Jean, parain Jean Bevier jeune homme maraine Catherine Despres femme de Jean Bastien Image 111, 16 Apr baptised, born 13 April 1670, Jaques Mashiu & Anne Hotem fille Marguerite, parain Jaques Petilon jeune homme, mariane Marguerite Colet jeune fille Image 115, baptised 10 Mar 1672, born 4 Mar, Isaac Guemar & Sara Sy, fille Jeanne parain Jacob le Roy, maraine Jeanne Le'coyer juene fille Image 117, baptised 1 May 1672, born 29 April, Isaac Sy & Esther Sy, fille Susanne, parain Nicolas de Veau, maraine Marie Cuirre jeune fille Image 117, baptised 27 May 1672, born 21 May, Moyse Chattin & Guilaimette Abe, fils Phillipe, parain Phillipe la Haye jeune homme, maraine Anne Vzile vefue d' Antoine Soyer Image 120, baptised 20 Oct 1672, born 13 Oct, Phillipe le Febvre & Marie Herin fille Suazanne, parain Jehan Loget, maraine Susanne del Haye femme de Francois Blizet??
  22. https://www.familysearch.org/wiki/en/French_Genealogical_Word_List#P This seems helpful to me when trying to decipher French Protestant records. Maybe 70% of the words I am finding in Baptismal records are in this list.
  23. cont' Image 57, born 25 Mar 1664 baptised 27 Mar 1664, Jacques Petillon & Marie Si, Este nomee Marie, parrain Jacques Masheu, maraine Aime Moge vefve de Jean Cardon image 58, 15 Feb 1664, Nicolas Petillon & Chrestienne Hacard, deus fils Este nomes Jean et Jacque, parain Adrien du Pont, et maraine Marie Si femme de Jacques Petillon I Jacques a en pour parain Tousaiyt Schlose xx et pur marain Marie de lattre jeune fille image 61, Oct 1664, Jacques Jeune & Judith Lescoyer, este nome Jean parain Jean de la Haye, maraine Pasquelle mouze jeune fille image 62, 6 Nov 1664, born 4 nov, Jean de la Haye & Martha Braye, este nomee Marie Marthe parain Nicolas la Haye, Maraine Marie Madelleine Warm femme du Nicolas Lantallilie Image 65, 15 Mar 1665 , 11 Mar 1665, Jacques Masheu & Aime Lotem, nome Abraham, parain Anthoine Lotem paraine Marie Masheu Jeune fille Image 65, 12 Mar 1665 8 Mar 1665, Isaac Guemer & Susanne Si nome Peirre parain Jean Testelin maraine Esther Si femme du Isaac Si Image 66, 23 Apr 1665, 19 Apr, Jean Lamiable & Jeanne Levalier nomee Marie, parain Pierre de Wintz maraine Marie Haye de Haques frere image 66 30 Apr 1665 23 Apr, Nicolas Laquemele & Jacqueline Loue, nomee Marthe parain Isaac Gilbert maraine Marthe Braye femme Jean de la Haye image 68, 37 Aug 1665, 23 August, Daniel Maril & Marie de la Haye nome Jean parain Antonie Laternu maraine Jeanne de Larques juene fille Image 74, 5 Jul 1666, 4 Jul, Jean de a Haye & Marguerite Braille, nomee Susanne, parain elle areu le fieur Louis Cerset maraine Aime Marie Marques femme du sieur Samuel Sevis manteau Bourque maitre yar Monsiuer du vivier pasteur image 74, 2 Jul 1666, 1 jul Hugues Frere & Marie Haye nome Hugues, parain Alard le Poutre maraine Antoinette Belbec femme de Jean le leu par Monsieur Cresjim pasteur Image 75, 21 Oct 1666, Magdelaine Guemar fille de Isaac Guemar et de Sara Cy parain Jean Mashe maraine Magdelaine Marquilotte femme du dit Moshe par le feur du vivier ministre Image 78, 24 Mar 1667, 18 Mar born, Noe Geffroy & Elisabeth Hareit fille Susanne, parain Jacob Pierre jeune home, maraine Marie Sy femme Isaac Guemar Bourgois de cette ville (this city - Mannheim) through image 80
  24. Continues, head of page cut off. Jul 1660 ....................... Pierre Chrestin parain Pierre Besin, maraine Catherine de la Haye jeune fille 12 Sep 1660, Image 34, Michel detescot & Marie Noe, fils nome Jacob, parain Jacque Mascheu maraine Jenne Bocquet 27 Feb 1661, Image 36, Jean de la Haye & Martha Braye fils nome Jacques parain Jacqeus le Jeune maraine Marie Mauderon femme de Monsieur Anthoine Raisin born 13 Dep 1661, Baptised 33 Sep 1661, Hugues Frere & Marie de la Haye, fille nomee Marie, parain Philip Haye maraine Marie Chartel jeune fille born 19 Nov 1661, Baptised 24 Nov 1661, Isaac Guemard & Sara Si fille nomee Esther, parain Isaac Si, maraine Esther Valentin Jeune fille born 18 Feb 1662, baptised 23 Feb 1662, Image 43, Jonas de la Haye & Barbe Bernau, fils nome Jonas, parain Francois Bleuset maraine Jeanne Gavelle Mar 1661, Image 43, Jacques Masheu & Aime Lotem, nome Jacques parain Pierre Quesquierre maraine Jeanne Masheu la femme 13 Jul 1662, Image 45, Jean de la Haye & Martha Braye, fils nome Jean, Parain Le Fieur Lans maraine Madame le Dreux femme du Walter de Houste 3 Aug 1662, Image 45, Jacque Petillon & Marie Si nomee Marie parain Andre Petillon maraine Magdelaine Haye femme de Paul Petillon 31 Aug 1662, Image 46, Jacque du Rieux & Marie Lamielle, nomee Marie parain Roland le Clerc maraine Aime de la Haye born 16 Jun 1663 baptised 24 jun, Image 50, Isaac Guemard & Sara Si nomee Marie, parain Pierre Carpentier jeune home maraine Marie Si juene fille 26 Jul 1663, Image 51 Jean de la Haye & Martha Braye, nomee Susanne parain le fieur Nicolas Cantilier maraine Susanne femme du fieur Anthoine Gantier through image 53
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