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  1. Table of Contents William Sergeant Blight, Jr. Henry Whelen, jr. Abbot S. Cooke Abbot Family Findley Family Wickliffe C. Lyne Duane Family Mrs. Robert Bruce Ricketts Sidney Roby Miner Hon. John B. Steel Cadwalader Biddle Rodney Augustus Mercur James Henry Fisher Levi Ellmaker Waller Joseph Emmett Patterson Powell Evans Waddell-Smith Family Major George McCully Laughlin William De Witt Kennedy Mrs. J. Hartwell Hillman Earl Bill Putnam William Wilson Curtin Douglas Bunting Carstairs Family Denny Family James Crossan Chaplin John W. Herron Henrietta Salisbury Evans William T. Lyon Clara Horton Shaw Jenkins Robert Packer Brodhead Persifor Frazer Smith George Bartleson Benners Andrew Fine Derr John Benton Fassett Frederic Walsingham Miller Gilbert Follansbee Henry S. Lydick Churchill Brown Mehard James Murdoch Clark James Alexander Robinson William Hoggan Haines Harry Gilmore Samson Florence Jones Reineman Margaret Irwin Hays Matilda Graham Horner Jennie Serrill Griffith Elizabeth Wilson Robinson Allen Adams-Anshutz Logue Family Omar Scott Decker Francis Thomas Fletcher Lovejoy Edwin Ruthven Sullivan John Reed Scott William Piper De Armit Robert Sturgeon Robb Estelle Knox Paul Percival James Eaton J. Caldwell Morrow Frances Van Horn Burns Anna Harding Denny Corcoran Major Samuel W. Jeffries Henry W. C. Gleffer Homer J. Lindsay Samuel Babcock Crowell Babcock (Badcocke) Family Addinell Hewson, M.D. Colonel Oliver Christian Bosbyshell Hon. William Potter Hon. Hampton L. Carson Edward E. Robbins Robert Potter Molten George Grossman Lennig Jonathan Cilley Neff William Stewart Wallace Richards Family Andrew Vinton Brown Thomas Rehrer Osbourn John Heman Converse John Marston John Calvert Louis Childs Madeira David Chambers Boggs John Eshleman Lloyd Ogden D. Wilkinson Archibald Roger Montgomery Daniel Waldo Howard H. S. Prentiss Nichols Alexis Dupont Smith Antoine Bournonville Neville B. Craig
  2. Table of Contents Penn Family Logan Family Lloyd Family Morris Family Norris Family Shippen Family Powell Family Hudson Family Swift Family Willing Family Balch Family Bevan Family Rawle Family Biddle Family Emlen Family Waln Family Warner Family Wistar/Wister Family Wister Family Pemberton Family Fox Family Holme Crispin Family Tyson Family Yeates Family McCall Family Plumstead Family Gilpin Family Shoemaker Family Roberts Family Cuthbert Family Carpenter and Preston Families Pennypacker Family Lloyd Family Chew Family Hamilton Family Wharton Family Frank C Mosler Franklin Lawrence Sheppard and Howard Reynolds Sheppard Jacob Esther Heyl Magee Family Edgar Arthur Singer Henry Wilson Rupp William Partridge Gilpin Samuel Marshall Elbert Augustus Corbin, Jr. Murdoch Kenrick Charles Smith Turnbull, M.D. Richard Dale Sparhawk Samuel Rea Francis Adams Donaldson Harry Blynn Harold Montgomery Sill
  3. Brown Bag Lunch & Learn at MdHS

    Breaking the Mason-Dixon Line: Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic, and Loyalty in the Civil War, 1861-1865Presented by Charles Welsko, West Virginia University, Lord Baltimore Fellow At Maryland Historical Society, 201 W Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA
  4. Brown Bag Lunch & Learn at MdHS

    "If Old Judge Taney Should Rise From the Dead:" A History of the Roger B. Taney House and the African American Community of Frederick, MarylandPresented by Tracee Haupt, University of Maryland, College Park, Lord Baltimore Fellow At Maryland Historical Society, 201 W Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA
  5. until
    Trading in the Revolutionary Atlantic: North American Merchants in Saint Domingue, 1791-1804Presented by Carrie Glenn, University of Delaware, Lord Baltimore Fellow At Maryland Historical Society, 201 W Monument St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA
  6. until
    FREE event, light reception
  7. Events, Events, Events!

    I spent a bit of time this morning updating our Calendar with annual genealogy conferences coming up and some local DAR and historical/genealogical events as well. These are obviously not GoAncestry sponsored events but felt it would be great to have a way to view all on one calendar. I will continue to update this as new events come up. Check out the details of each event for where to find more information. The standard Rootstech, Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) and National Genealogical Society (NGS) can be a great way to gain new resources, make new connections, and travel to a different region for research. Ron and I have experienced the larger conferences and enjoyed them; we'll see you in 2019 FGS when you come to DC! Our favorite events are those that give you an opportunity to truly connect with others who are doing similar research and truly have time to sit down and talk. Coming up is Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS), Maryland Historical Society's Annual Genealogy Lectures, and many others that offer an ability to focus your research geographically or topically. One advantage of the conferences is that they are typically located in an area which has great genealogical resources. Ron and I have both had a wonderful time searching State Archives and Libraries when we go to any conference. (Photo is of Ron entering the State Library in Harrisburg, PA.) If you want to sit at home in your pjs and fuzzy sleepers, check out some of the virtual ways to participate, such as Family Tree's virtual conference or many of the free webinars. Enjoy browsing the Calendar and potentially getting engaged or re-engaged!
  8. until
    For more details and registration: https://fgs.org/cpage.php?pt=136
  9. until
    For more details and registration: http://conference.ngsgenealogy.org/