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  1. The Sherman County Historical Society was founded in 1977 to collect, protect and preserve the history and heritage of the communities of Sherman County; those that are living communities today as well as those that are just memories. Most of our collections are the result of donations by residents of the county. The museum collection is housed in several buildings that have been saved from around the county and moved to our site on the edge of Loup City. These include the Hawk Schoolhouse, the Ohlsen/Jenner House and the Austin School. The Historical Society is open every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 2:00-4:00PM. It can also be opened anytime by appointment. http://www.loupcity....orical-society/ View full record
  2. The Hall County Historical Society promotes the research education and preservation of Hall County's heritage and history. In 1922 the Hall County Historical Society was founded by a group of Liederkranz members who were committed to preserving artifacts and stories about the county’s origin. It is the oldest perpetual County Historical Society in Nebraska. The society’s largest ongoing project has been placing markers at historical sites throughout the county. The first were six markers of the Old California Overland Trail, traveled by immigrants to California in 1849 and pioneers of this locality in 1857. These markers extend from the east to the west in Hall County and were dedicated on July 4, 1923. Thirty seven historical markers have now been placed in Hall County. The Hall County Historical Society donated its collection of artifacts to help launch the Stuhr Museum and is proud to have contributed to the success of the museum. In 1997, the Historical Society purchased its first piece of property, the Townsley-Murdock Site near Alda, which is a preserved site featuring Morman Trail and Overland Trail wagon wheel ruts. The following year, it was accepted for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. View full record
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