• Descendants and Ancestors, together they are the fabric of Genealogy and Family Tree Research.  Many of the historical aspects of our ancestry are the places and records that describe them in a historical context.  On our Tennessee Genealogy pages we focus on providing specific information pertaining to the immigration and settlement activity that took place.  We examine historical information that might exist within Church or Probate Records.  Land and tax information from Tennessee county courthouses may also prove to be valuable sources to support your family tree. Finally, most of our ancestors may have left final notices in the cemeteries, wills, newspapers, or other record repositories that are available on the Internet now. 

    We are taking an additional step to assist you in your Family Tree efforts by providing focused links, digital records, and other pertinent information using a regional underpinning methodology and one other important tool, distance digital communication tools. We have Galleries that include historical images and records.  Forums to collaborate with others that share an interest in the same area, culture, or maybe even the same ancestral family name. We are providing this site to allow interaction with others, free of charge, to learn about tools, to help each other, or even to understand your Ancestry DNA, and get the most out of the community.

    The content we provide begins with the general ancestry, history, and genealogy information. Then we add our special focus which is towards European immigration, pioneers, exploration, and settlement activity.  Nothing would be complete if we didn't add a bit more specialty information regarding immigrants and their historical achievements they made while founding various parts of America.

    Welcome! We are presenting quality information and a collaborative environment that will help you discover your family history. Information for how you can contribute is here. I hope you will consider becoming a member which lets you generate topics and share on Facebook to connect with others however, feel free to browse the site.If you have questions, send a message by going to the about us page.

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The table below lists the State Counties. If there is currently no guide listed, consider volunteering some of your time or information. Please refer to the state collaboration link above to share information or ask questions.

County Date Guide County Date Guide
Anderson 1801   Bedford 1807  
Benton 1835   Bledsoe 1807  
Blount 1795   Bradley 1836  
Campbell 1806   Cannon 1836  
Carroll 1821   Carter 1796  
Cheatham 1856   Chester 1879  
Clairborne 1801   Clay 1870  
Cocke 1797   Coffee 1836  
Crockett 1871   Cumberland 1855  
Davidson 1783   Decatur 1845  
DeKalb 1837   Dickson 1803  
Dyer 1823   Fayette 1824  
Fentress 1823   Franklin 1807  
Gibson 1823   Giles 1809  
Grainger 1796   Greene 1783  
Grundy 1844   Hamblen 1870  
Hancock 1844   Hardeman 1823  
Hardin 1819   Hawkins 1786  
Haywood 1823   Henderson 1821  
Henry 1821   Hickman 1807  
Houston 1871   Humphreys 1809  
Jackson 1801   Jefferson 1792  
Johnson 1836   Knox 1792  
Lake 1870   Lauderdale 1835  
Lawrence 1817   Lewis 1843  
Lincoln 1809   Loudon 1870  
Macon 1842   Marion 1817  
Marshall 1836   Maury 1807  
McMinn 1819   McNairy 1823  
Meigs 1836   Monroe 1819  
Montgomery 1796   Moore 1871  
Morgan 1817   Obion 1823  
Overton 1806   Perry 1819  
Pickett 1879   Polk 1839  
Putnam 1854   Rhea 1807  
Roane 1801   Robertson 1796  
Rutherford 1803   Scott 1849  
Sequatchie 1857   Sevier 1794  
Shelby 1819   Smith 1799  
Stewart 1803   Sullivan 1779  
Sumner 1786   Tipton 1823  
Trousdale 1870   Unicoi 1875  
Union 1850   Van Buren 1840  
Warren 1807   Washington 1777  
Wayne 1817   Weakley 1823  
White 1806   Williamson 1799  
Wilson 1799  
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    • Ronald


      The GoAncestry Library is coming to you!       We are beginning our efforts to place our physical and digital genealogy and history library on line. This effort will provide Bibliographic information to those areas of the website where they may help you. The hope is to make our library more useful to our members from distant areas.         Initially we will get the Book Titles placed into a new topic, then we will add the table of contents, and lastly we hope to provide some meaningful book reviews.  This effort is beginning to take shape in our Pennsylvania areas. Regional specific books will be able to be found on the county and sate pages. Additionally all of the books will find their way into the forum regions as topics. If you have questions, want some more information, or are aware of material that is included in one of these volumes, you should post your comment directly into that forum topic.        It will take time for us to get the library fully listed. Our current holdings amount to almost 5,000 volumes and I can't seem to stop acquiring more.  We just love the books, they are so helpful and interesting to us that putting them on line for others is the right thing to do.   Be patient, more books are on the way! 
    • Ronald


      I think it is a common theme really.  Each year as spring opens and the weather allows a release to the outdoors, the website will see a slowing in information.  That is ok, we really love our gardens as well.  I am also a huge fan of grilling foods.  I am not sure any of that will change in years to come either.   We have also taken a grand step in our field research and spent a week primarily in New Jersey with a few stops in Pennsylvania. It was a grand discovery, and yet, it was overwhelming as well. I have yet to go through all of the information that we uncovered.  And again, we found more holes that need attention.  I jokingly tell my bride that I am "DONE" now that I have linked my American lineage to the initial immigrant from Germany.  It is just a joke, there is always more to do. Thankfully so!   In the coming weeks things will settle and we will once again make some time to get more of our information on line.  Expect a wealth of data surrounding the early Tinsmans in America, maybe in Germany as well.  I will see what I can do.  I will also get more linked information posted for other areas.  Finding so many local resources while we traveled has proven that courthouses and societies are very important places to visit, and even make new friends.   I hope you will find something worth your visit, maybe even something Grand!!!!!