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The table below lists the State Counties. Consider volunteering some of your time or information.
County Date Notes County Date Notes
Anderson 1846   Andrews 1876  
Angelina 1846   Aransas 1871  
Archer 1858   Armstrong 1876  
Atascosa 1856   Austin 1836  
Bailey 1876   Bastrop 1836  
Baylor 1858   Bee 1857  
Bell 1850   Bexar 1836  
Blanco 1858   Borden 1876  
Bosque 1854   Bowie 1840  
Brazoria 1836   Brazos 1841  
Brewster 1887   Briscoe 1876  
Brooks 1911   Brown 1856  
Burleson 1846   Burnet 1852  
Caldwell 1848   Calhoun 1846  
Callahan 1858   Cameron 1848  
Camp 1874   Carson 1876  
Cass 1846   Castro 1876  
Chambers 1858   Cherokee 1846  
Childress 1876   Clay 1857  
Cochran 1876   Coke 1889  
Coleman 1858   Collin 1846  
Collingsworth 1876   Colorado 1836  
Comal 1846   Comanche 1856  
Concho 1858   Cooke 1848  
Coryell 1854   Cottle 1876  
Crane 1887   Crockett 1875  
Crosby 1876   Culberson 1911  
Dallam 1876   Dallas 1846  
Dawson 1876   Deaf Smith 1876  
Delta 1870   Denton 1846  
DeWitt 1846   Dickens 1876  
Dimmit 1858   Donley 1876  
Duval 1858   Eastland 1858  
Ector 1887   Edwards 1858  
Ellis 1849   El Paso 1848  
Erath 1856   Falls 1850  
Fannin 1837   Fayette 1837  
Fisher 1876   Floyd 1876  
Foard 1891   Fort Bend 1837  
Franklin 1875   Freestone 1850  
Frio 1858   Gaines 1876  
Galveston 1838   Garza 1876  
Gillespie 1848   Glasscock 1887  
Goliad 1836   Gonzales 1836  
Gray 1876   Grayson 1846  
Gregg 1873   Grimes 1846  
Guadalupe 1846   Hale 1876  
Hall 1876   Hamilton 1856  
Hansford 1876   Hardeman 1858  
Hardin 1858   Harris 1836  
Harrison 1839   Hartley 1876  
Haskell 1858   Hays 1848  
Hemphill 1876   Henderson 1846  
Hidalgo 1852   Hill 1853  
Hockley 1876   Hood 1866  
Hopkins 1846   Houston 1837  
Howard 1876   Hudspeth 1917  
Hunt 1846   Hutchinson 1876  
Irion 1889   Jack 1856  
Jackson 1836   Jasper 1836  
Jeff Davis 1887   Jefferson 1836  
Jim Hogg 1913   Jim Wells 1911  
Johnson 1854   Jones 1854  
Karnes 1854   Kaufman 1848  
Kendall 1862   Kenedy 1921  
Kent 1876   Kerr 1856  
Kimble 1858   King 1876  
Kinney 1850   Kleberg 1913  
Knox 1858   Lamar 1840  
Lamb 1876   Lampasas 1856  
La Salle 1858   Lavaca 1842  
Lee 1874   Leon 1846  
Liberty 1836   Limestone 1846  
Lipscomb 1876   Live Oak 1856  
Llano 1856   Loving 1931  
Lubbock 1876   Lynn 1876  
McCulloch 1856   McLennan 1850  
McMullen 1858   Madison 1853   
Marion 1860   Martin 1876  
Mason 1858   Matagorda 1836  
Maverick 1856   Medina 1848  
Menard 1858   Midland 1885  
Milam 1836   Mills 1887  
Mitchell 1876   Montague 1857  
Montgomery 1837   Moore 1876  
Morris 1875   Motley 1876  
Nacogdoches 1836   Navarro 1846  
Newton 1846   Nolan 1876  
Nueces 1846   Ochiltree 1846  
Oldham 1876   Orange 1852  
Palo Pinto 1856   Panola 1846  
Parker 1855   Parmer 1876  
Pecos 1871   Polk 1846  
Potter 1876   Presidio 1850  
Rains 1870   Randall 1876  
Reagan 1903   Real 1913  
Red River 1836   Reeves 1883  
Refugio 1836   Roberts 1876  
Robertson 1837   Rockwall 1873  
Runnels 1858   Rusk 1843  
Sabine 1836   San Augustine 1836  
San Jacinto 1870   San Patricio 1836  
San Saba 1856   Schleicher 1887  
Scurry 1858   Shackelford 1858  
Shelby 1836   Sherman 1876  
Smith 1846   Somervell 1875  
Starr 1858   Stephens 1858  
Sterling 1891   Stonewall 1876  
Sutton 1887   Swisher 1876  
Tarrant 1849   Taylor 1858  
Terrell 1905   Terry 1876  
Throckmorton 1858   Titus 1846  
Tom Green 1874   Travis 1840  
Trinity 1850   Tyler 1846  
Upshur 1846   Upton 1887  
Uvalde 1850   Val Verde 1885  
Van Zandt 1848   Victoria 1836  
Walker 1846   Waller 1873  
Ward 1887   Washington 1836  
Webb 1848   Wharton 1846  
Wheeler 1876   Wichita 1858  
Wilbarger 1858   Willacy 1911  
Wilson 1860   Winkler 1887  
Wise 1856   Wood 1850  
Yoakum 1876   Young 1856  
Zapata 1858   Zavala 1846  
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    • The weather was also very nice.
    • Quality thoughts about always making this pleasant and fun.
    • I am tired.  So much information that I think it is best to wait until we return home and then sort it all out.  I do think I finally have my answers about Peter, Christopher and Dennis Tinsman in pre-1800 New Jersey.  I hope it still makes sense when I get home.
    • I began working on Texas a few days ago, BOY is it BIG!  I am not sure how long it will take to get the Texas foundation built, but it just needs to be done.   Having the most counties of any state in America it presents a challenge, but once completed Texas will provide 254 places to organize research.  Since the USA has 3142 counties or equivalents, Texas does get quite a bit done. Anyway, if you stop by to take a look, know we are working on it.  If you notice only partial completion, remember we plan to get it all done.  If you are wanting of a specific county, it will be here, soon.
    •         Over the last week we have been very fortunate to have time away from work to experience the Holiday time period.  This has provided a fair amount of time for doing things we WANTED to do.  I took that time to build more of the basics into the web presentation.  I hope this will pay dividends in the future as I get back to more of my own research and helping others with theirs.         Presently I have completed the basics for some states in the USA.  What does that mean? Well each completed state has: A state page with functioning links and resources A table that includes links to each county or designated area within the state Each county page has a basic presentation that enables our team to build out content from the comfort of their own homes, no matter where they live, this enables the team concept. A few images are in the State Gallery A county Wake up posting that asks for volunteers and just information from those willing to provide it.         Though this type of effort isn't really very rewarding for me; it is very tedious and time consuming, just kidding.  It does enable others to do more meaningful work on the site.  As an example, take a look at the state of Ohio.  Our team has been working to get more quality information placed on those county pages in the hopes it will help others.  In time, with others also providing information, we hope this will be a useful work space to assist in research or to present findings.          My ultimate goal is to provide this common level of information focusing on each county within America, and also to those states within foreign countries, such as the Westerwald region of the Rhineland.  There, that is the dream. It may take a while..... 
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    • Ronald

      The Spring Slowdown


      I think it is a common theme really.  Each year as spring opens and the weather allows a release to the outdoors, the website will see a slowing in information.  That is ok, we really love our gardens as well.  I am also a huge fan of grilling foods.  I am not sure any of that will change in years to come either.   We have also taken a grand step in our field research and spent a week primarily in New Jersey with a few stops in Pennsylvania. It was a grand discovery, and yet, it was overwhelming as well. I have yet to go through all of the information that we uncovered.  And again, we found more holes that need attention.  I jokingly tell my bride that I am "DONE" now that I have linked my American lineage to the initial immigrant from Germany.  It is just a joke, there is always more to do. Thankfully so!   In the coming weeks things will settle and we will once again make some time to get more of our information on line.  Expect a wealth of data surrounding the early Tinsmans in America, maybe in Germany as well.  I will see what I can do.  I will also get more linked information posted for other areas.  Finding so many local resources while we traveled has proven that courthouses and societies are very important places to visit, and even make new friends.   I hope you will find something worth your visit, maybe even something Grand!!!!!
    • Ronald

      Winter is coming


      No, not the Game of Thrones.  I wish though.   Just thought that my primary genealogy season is usually the winter and early Spring.  Not sure what time you have available, but this works for me.
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