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Alpenrod Germany Church Books

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Resource: Archion, Kirche in Hesse und Nassau, Dekanat Marienberg - 

Parish Register composition of recognized place names:  Alpenrod, Belingen, Büdingen, Büdinger Mühle, Dehlingen, Enspel, Hirstcheid, Hirstscheider Talmühle, Lochum, Neuhof, Püschen, Sagewerk bei Büdingen, Stockum, Stockumermühle, Stöffel, Todtenberg, Todtenberger Mühle, Welterstein, Ziegelei bei Büdingen



Taufregister                    1662 - 1704

Trauregister                    1662 - 1704

BDregister                      1662 - 1704


Taufregister                    1704 - 1733 - Baptisms begin image 4

Trauregister                   1704 - 1733 - Marriages begin image 89

BDregister                     1704 - 1733 - Burials begin image 112 

KonfirmR                       1704 - 1767 - Confirmations begin image 135


Taufregister                   1733 - 1782

Trauregister                  1733 - 1782

BDregister                    1733 - 1782

KonfirmR                      1733 - 1782


Bolded items were reviewed for family names Dunschmann


Maybe I will return to look at the 1733+ books, but seems most of the Dunschman persons have moved on.

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Updated this post to include areas completed in my initial review.  Most of my look into these records was to focus on the Dunschmann family name.  I do need to take the time to review the 1733 - 1782 books as well as follow a few Dunschmann to the locations they went after marriage.

Not all of the books I need to review are available through Archion.

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