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Winden Germany Church Records

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Archion: Kirche der Pfalz, Bad Bergzabern, Winden

              with Dierbach, Hergersweiler, Mühlhofen, Barbelroth, Freckenfeld, Minfeld (konfirmations)

Parish Map Register: Winden, Windenermühle


Taufen, Trauungen, Bestattungen, Konfirmationen 1713 - 1779, # images 142

Tauf                           Jan 1714 - Oct 1779           done through image 47

Best.                         Sep 1721 - 1779                 begin  84, done through 94.5, end 103

Konf.                                1722 - 1779                 begin 104, done through 118, end 121

Traun.                       Oct 1713 - Nov 1723          begin 123, end 126  DONE

                                 Jun 1726 - Nov 1779          begin 126, end 142  DONE


Looking for anyone named Hoy, Hey, de La Hey, Boudemont, Petillion, Schauer

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