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Ohio, Pickaway County 1820 US Census

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Searching for Hoy, Thomas, and Deford family (plus Wolf and Foulk):

Darby (2 images):


Deer Creek (4 images):

Image 1, Samuel & John Bennett

Image 3, Peter Heer

Image 4, Mikel Wolf

Jackson (3 images):

Image 2, Horatia Hey

Madison (2 images):

Image 1, Joseph Hoymen

Image 2, John Albright (Friend relationship between Hoy and Albright based on genealogies?)

Monroe (2 images):

Image 1, John Tomas

Pickaway (5 images):

Image 1, Elizabeth Tomes

Image 4, Georg Wolf

Image 5, Phillip Wolf

Salt Creek (3 images):

Image 1, George Woolf

Image 3, Georg Tomes

Scioto (3 images):

Image 1, Gormen Beford (It is clearly a "B" but similar to Deford?)

Walnut (4 images):

Image 3, Jacob Hoy mon

Image 4, John Tomes


Washington (7 images):


Wayne (3 images):

Samuel & John Bennet

*Note: There are many Polstons (in Darby Twp); perhaps not similar enough to Petillion? Also, a couple Dulgars in Jackson Twp (perhaps Sr. and Jr.). Smiths in Madison Monroe, Pickaway, Salt Creek, Walnut, and Wayne Twps. A Samuel Harvy in both Monroe and Pickaway Twsp.

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