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Billigheim Church Book, Non-Walloon

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This book actually contains an entry describing how Walloon people are being recorded in another book.  This significant piece of information may explain how multiple families from different areas may have lived here at the same time, but may not really be related as direct family, just the same surnames.  Further inspection is warranted.  Another issue is identified in the German word description of this book.  The Billigheim Church Book was removed from the area in the hope of safekeeping, apparently it has been lost to history though.  How wonderful would it be to find that book and not have to make assumptions or guesses about family ancestors.

a 1686, 1692-1752 S. 1-234 b 1709-1752 S. 253-278 c 1710-1751 S. 279-300 d 1705-1748 S. 235-250 Billigheim und Appenhofen; S. 301-352: Protokolle zu Versammlungen des Konsistoriums 1704-1746 (= B.-Ingenheim, 6814); OT: Kirchenbuch der Reformirten Gemein in Billigheim und Abbenhofen; das vorhergehende KB war "im Jahr der französischen Plünderung in Brutzweiler, wohin es geflüchtet worden war", verloren gegangen;

Church book of the Reformed Church in Billigheim and Appenhofen; the previous KB had been "lost in the year of the French plunder in Brutzweiler, where it had fled";

Pfalz: Landesarchiv Speyer > Billigheim > Taufe 1686, 1692-1752, Trauung 1709-1752, Beerdigung 1710-1751, Konfirmation 1705-1748


1686, 1692 - 1752                   S 1 - 234

1709 - 1752                             S 253 - 278

1710 - 1751                             S 279 - 300

1705 - 1748                             S 235 - 250

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Pastor, Johann Conrad Kilian, Lutrea Palatino

The labeling above comes from the digital imaging description and though I do not have each word transcribed, the record as written by the Pastor does not use those words.  I will try to Transcribe what the Pastor actually wrote.  It sheds some light on the lost book.

This is NOT correct, but a start in determining what was written.


Nachdem das bisherige Kirchenbuch gerade dieses Jahr in der fränkischen Plünderung nach Leutzweiler allwu abgeschlossen war, ist es in die Irre gegangen. Nachfolgend fortgesetzt.

Von Otto Valentin Rhato Feütshund? Wallone Pastor sodauni von Christian Haldi von Diedendorstein feutzle? Lutharino feutshund? und wallonischer Pastor Allhier Perner von Jacob Maurel Heidelbergensi, auch Eutschund? walloon pastor all hier.


After the previous church book was completed this year in the Franconian plunder to Leutzweiler allwu, it has gone astray. Continued below.

By Otto Valentin Rhato Feütshund? Wallon Pastor sodauni by Christian Haldi von Diedendorstein feutzle? Lutharino feutshund? and Walloon Pastor Allhier Perner by Jacob Maurel Heidelbergensi, also Eutschund? walloon pastor all here.



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The book records entries in both German and French: I may try to capture surnames here.


Year                 Language                 Surnames

1686                   GE                        Hünstelünd, Johannes & Rosina Glösserin; Johannes Fischer, Margaretha born Fichtmüllerin

1692                   GE                        Lüsch, Hans Adam & Eva Müllerin; Valentin Ruhlmann, Christian Schopper mit Anna Maria

1692                   GE                        Berger, Ulrich & Maria Catharina Schererin; Hans Georg Löbinger mit Anna Maria

......... then this entry is written at top of page 2.

Weilen das alter kirchenbucher verlohren gegangen so hat man auf Zeugnuss erlicher lebendiger Zeugen einigen der hier Nachst stehenden eingeshrieben um Pfare Taufsheine ertheilen zu konnen

If the old church books have been lost, one has been able, on the strength of a witness of living witnesses, to instruct some of the people standing here to give baptismal baptisms

............. A close examination of the cover of this CB and the Pastors entry states this begins in 1703.  Based upon the above statement it seems any entry depicting baptisms before 1703 would be based on the recollection of members of the parish in subsequent years.


1696                      GE                    Ulm, Wendel & Anna Catharina; Wendel Fischer, mit Anna Maria

1697                      GE                    Köhler, Philipp Jacob & Anna Susanna; Hans Adam Schmidt, Catharina Nüssin both single

1698                      GE                    Pierre Dann von der Wallonischen gemeinde dir mutter Catharina gebohren Creützin

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After the destruction of the old Billigheimer church records, this pastor Marius has created the new, still existing church books in such a way that he kept separate registers for both communities - the French and the German - for the first in French. Even with his successors it has remained at this practice for at least a while. -The names of the clergy are:

1. Joh. Nicol. Chevallier 1678-1692.

2. Joh. Jac. Marius 1692-1704.

3. Joh. Konrad Kilian 1704-1724, at the same time inspector.

4. Otto Valentin 1724-1732.

5. Christian Haldi 1732-1748.

6. Jakob Maurel 1748-1752.

7. Johann Blasius 1752-1772.

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Trying to capture a list of those surnames that are written in french, just like Abraham del Haye and Marie Beviere.

Pierre Decamp

David Bran

Maria Bretton

Abigail Bretton

Pierre Baillieu & Marie Susanne

Adam Becker & Marie Elisabethe

Jean Valetin Ritter  (also in German Johan Valentin Ritter and Maria Barbara his wife)

Jean Pfaltzgraft

Jacques Bailieu de xx Valloni & Susanne 

Pierre Jacob & Anne Margarithe

Isaac Crepet from Steinweiler & Rachel Ptillion

Jacob Crepet de Steinweiler

Marie Ballieu

Augustin de la Croix & Marie Jeane Bude 

Pierre Monne

Phillipe Fevre & Suasanne LaCroix

Philipe Budemont & Magdalene Buishel de Rohrbach

Isaac Ramon & Esther Beviere zu winden

David du Moullon & Juditha Gerardin de Steinweiler

Pierre Monnet

Jacob Delio & Francoise Bache

Pierre Gymarset & Judith Salinger 

Esther Beviere daughter of Abraham Beviere of Winden

Pierre de la cpur 



Image 18



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