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Billigheim CB, Wallonisch

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Pfalz: Landesarchiv Speyer > Billigheim > Taufe 1719-1752, Trauung 1710-1718, 1725

This book is in very bad shape with many of the pages missing sections or segments.  I will need time with this book, so far all records are written in French.

Image 14 I find that an Ane de la Haye from Steinweiler is a young woman and godparent to the child of Abraham Baileux and Marie.

Image 18 Ane de la Haye seems married to Conrad Jacob, munier and they are living in Apenhoffen  have child named Mariane

Image 26, Maria Bevier remarries, Daniel Boudemont ( Abraham Del Haye is dead?)

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