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Franziskaner Kloster Hachenburg

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Since there are already a few entries in the Altstadt CB concerning events that occurred here, I think it would be proper to find these original records or digital versions and review them for some missing or incomplete family groups.

I will need to look at the LDS catalog to see what might be there as Archion has Evengelisch records.


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Taufen 1655-1737 Kommunionen 1688 Heiraten 1641-1737 Tote 1732-1737 1701-1732 Heiraten 1737-1832 Tote 1737-1833 Taufen 1738-1832

#1270185 items 4-6


Tauf-Index 1738-1832 Taufen 1833-1867



Taufen 1867-1883 Heiraten 1833-1867 Tote 1833-1847

# 1270187


Tote 1847-1883

#1270188 Items 1-2


I obviously need the first 2x films

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