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Book Reviews and our Library

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        We have a substantive library that we use to research our own family and history in general.  Along the way we have also been fortunate to have materials that could help other people. We began providing "look ups" for others and we really enjoy those "hunts" too.  There just seems to be something rewarding when you can help someone else find a key to their past.


      As we move forward with the website we have tried various ways to present our collection.  Currently we are posting information concerning our books, periodicals, maps, postcards, and other materials into the forum sections of the website that they "MOST" pertain to.  Luckily we can also post a link into other forums as well as using the TAG feature.


     Since we have begun working within the German Ancestral Studies Research Group others are able to review some of our material during our research sessions, but primarily most of the books are used through look ups or when we write book reviews.


     If you are searching for a book, or just information that may be within, please let us know.  If we have it, we will find the time to look through it for you, maybe even try to get you a copy of the relevant information if we are not imposing upon someone's copyright.


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