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Maryland Military Historical Society

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From the first militiamen to set foot in the Maryland colony in 1634 to the gallant men and women serving in today's armed forces, Maryland has a rich and exciting military legacy. The Maryland Military Historical Society exists to see that that legacy is preserved, perpetuated and kept available to the public.

Formed in 1982 to preserve the history, heritage, and memory of Maryland's organized militia, the Society was the driving force behind the establishment of what is now the Maryland Museum of Military History. While the militia remains a prime focus of the Society, it seeks to preserve the memory of the military accomplishments of all Marylanders, regardless of branch of service.

In furtherance of this mission, the Society provides dedicated support to the Maryland Museum of Military History and the Maryland Historical Research Center through donations and volunteerism. The Society also conducts educational visits to sites of significance to Maryland military history.

Our members include distinguished citizens from all walks of life. From current and former members of our nation's military to educational professionals to successful businessmen, the Society is home to anyone with a love for military history in Maryland.

The Maryland Military Historical Society, Inc. is non-profit charitable organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. Donations to the Society are deductible for federal income tax purposes. Consult with your tax advisor for more details.

The offices of the Maryland Military Historical Society are located at the historic Fifth Regiment Armory in downtown Baltimore.


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    • Ronald

      Major presentation changes


      Major changes are now becoming available through the software we are using.  I am hoping for some more gallery changes and flexibility with our pages construct, but time will tell.   Hope you are all enjoying summer!
    • Ronald

      The Spring Slowdown


      I think it is a common theme really.  Each year as spring opens and the weather allows a release to the outdoors, the website will see a slowing in information.  That is ok, we really love our gardens as well.  I am also a huge fan of grilling foods.  I am not sure any of that will change in years to come either.   We have also taken a grand step in our field research and spent a week primarily in New Jersey with a few stops in Pennsylvania. It was a grand discovery, and yet, it was overwhelming as well. I have yet to go through all of the information that we uncovered.  And again, we found more holes that need attention.  I jokingly tell my bride that I am "DONE" now that I have linked my American lineage to the initial immigrant from Germany.  It is just a joke, there is always more to do. Thankfully so!   In the coming weeks things will settle and we will once again make some time to get more of our information on line.  Expect a wealth of data surrounding the early Tinsmans in America, maybe in Germany as well.  I will see what I can do.  I will also get more linked information posted for other areas.  Finding so many local resources while we traveled has proven that courthouses and societies are very important places to visit, and even make new friends.   I hope you will find something worth your visit, maybe even something Grand!!!!!
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