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I have finally completed cataloging all the genealogical and historical books we own; this is a rather large collection of just over 4,000 books. It has taken me a while and I am completely certain that there are errors in my cataloging as we have made movements in the libraries when new books came in and I had to change course on bookshelf locations.

Our library is a big part (along with postcards) of where we want to go with the website; we also believe it to be a resource that is important to share with others. I will need time to get everything validated in the libraries and then the same inventory presented on our website. Once I complete that round, I will post another update BUT feel free to search some of the titles; there are already 3,092 books listed on GoAncestry!

In the future, we would like to provide look-ups so if there is a question regarding a surname, please feel free to post your question in the appropriate forum topic for the book you would like us to check. We will be happy to assist as time permits.


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