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A genealogy and history website in motion.

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The GoAncestry adventure continues

I thought to add a bit more detail to this long GoAncestry journey.  The webiste has some more features that were added this last year.  FLAG COUNTER I enjoy the flag counter as I get a glimpse into the location our visitors are coming from.  I am not sure it really tells me anything more than that, but that is enough for such an easy to use application. SECURE Spent some time getting the site into a more secure state.  It wasn't insecure to begin with, but the method used to



GoAncestry continues to evolve

Things have been progressing nicely for the site and for our personal efforts in Genealogy and History.  We believe we are on the right track and that over time we will have a wealth of information posted here that will help others.  While it will be time that is the judge of that opinion, I am comfortable in continuing our efforts on our current path.   We do have the basic constructs built for the US States and their respective counties.  Efforts to create this infrastructure has pro



Next steps in a long journey

Things have come along well in the past weeks.  Over the last days part of our team has been working to add more research related content to pages from Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, and even a few other entries here and there.   My dilemma is now trying to decide what gets worked on next. A part of me is considering that I keep working on with the foundation, those page constructs, databases, and the mechanics of the site presentation. Though it is a bit less rewarding than bringing a regi



A digital work space

I have been working on my family tree for a number of years now.  During that time I also worked on the trees of others, the brick walls of others, and those other aspects of life that are not genealogically related.  I still work outside the home.  I would find different clues while researching, and each of them would open a new door to possibilities.  Many times I would have to chose ONE of them and pursue that option for what seemed like weeks.  Then upon a successful or unsuccessful outcome




  • Random Forum Posts

    • Great thanks, I realize I may never know.  I do appreciate your help.  As far as the Dutch Reformed Church records, they are 3 other books I found written by Adolph Van der Velde whose ancestors were also in that area and intermarried with members of that church, 2 other books specifically about his family and one about the Walloon community in Hanau.  I checked those to see if any of my family showed up there.  No luck. You mentioned there was a lot going on in the Mannheim area between 1600-1650.  Are there any good books you can point me to that might give me an idea? Once again, thanks for checking.
    • Need to have a placeholder as I research my Volga Germans. These publication would be of use. - Mai, Brent Alan. 1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga: Economy, Population, and Agriculture (Lincoln, NE: American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1999): St07, St52. - Pleve, Igor. Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet, 1764-1767 Band 4 (Göttingen: Göttinger Arbeitskreis, 2008): 214. - Pleve, Igor. Lists of Colonists to Russia in 1766: Reports by Ivan Kulberg (Saratov: Saratov State Technical University, 2010): #4143.
    • After some more looking I have determined his family came from Stahl am Tarlyk, currently Stepnoye Russia.  This is in the Volga region, but I would like to begin to narrow this a bit.
    • Not sure about the label Dutch reformed.  These groups of people left France and Belgium to evade the french catholic forces.  Many settled near Heidelberg and the surrounding areas, some stayed in Belgium or the Netherlands, others were in Switzerland.  The church records are spotty in most places. I have even found notes that a certain book was LOST when French forces made encampments in the area.  I will continue to pluck around and have asked some German research friends, but yes, this may not produce additional details.     I plan to go to Germany in the near future and will be in that area, so may keep some notes and work with the archive to see if there is anything else of interest.
    • Thank you so much for your help.  I had begun to think that I was just missing them due to my not speaking/reading the languages.   I did think it interesting that the Dutch Reformed Church record books from the Frankenthal / Mannheim area as transcribed by Adolph van der Velder were apparently available when his books were written.  I don’t understand why that ‘Reformed’ denomination would not have been attacked as well as the French Reformed Church.
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