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A Day at the Archives

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I visited the Maryland State Archives yesterday. See this post with a few insights on the trip. My initial thought was to simply browse, become familiar with their processes and holdings. And I did browse, a lot, 3 hours to be exact. But what surprised me was that the reference librarian assisting me specifically asked who I was looking for in my family tree. I had been hesitant to ask for tips on searching for a family member because their website states that the reference librarians do not have time to research people's families. That was a nice surprise.

I had already found my locker (lucky number 13) and stashed all my stuff (except loose-leaf paper, #2 pencils, and my phone) so I grabbed a bunch of resource materials and sat down, you guessed it, at desk number 13. I spent my three hours at the archives looking through the birth, history, and family story volumes to find Eliza Jane Harvey, my third great grandmother. I did not find a birth record but I also do not have an assurance that I have the correct birthplace county for her. My Grandfather said his Grandmother was born in Queen Anne's County but the marriage record I have for her and John Robinson states she is from Harford County. Needless to say, this mystery still needs to be solved. But there is time...

This is all part of the plan that Ron and I came up with recently; for me to get more involved in the genealogy research, community, and work. This means I need to get smarter (my word, not his) at my research and smarter at the resources within my fingertips, those available within a one day-trip. This was just the start!

Oh, did I mention they have a grand piano?!



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