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Who Are They?

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I'm just getting started on scanning in some of the old photographs I received from my Dad. Four moving boxes full: labeled Robinson/Dipert, History Old Robinson, Robinson/Dulgar, and Old Robinson.

Before I noticed the labels on the boxes, I looked through a couple and, once I found the box that had photographs of people I recognized (namely the Dulgar girls), I grabbed a small stack to scan. I immediately found that the photographs spanned decades and family names. Although I'm not certain that some are even ancestors, ergo the title of this blog. Two are of a trip my grandparents took with the Dulgar girls, one is simply labeled "this is us" (you'll see it as I scanned that one in), there is a photograph of Ralph Waggoner and Blanche Jacob and I have no idea who these people are. I feel like I need to do more research now to understand many of the names in the boxes...but I didn't want to wait to start publishing.

Enjoy! And let me know if you want a digital with higher-resolution; I reduced the size on all for web publishing.

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