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Back to the Fatherland



Yes, I am planning another trip back to Germany.  I hope to have a bit of fun while there and hopefully find a few more things to source my family tree.


I plan on going to Boppard and see what I can prove from the church records there.  I will start with Almersbach and possibly Altenkirchen as those towns have been referenced in some genealogy works as the home of the Dünschmann family line. some early documented research in the area places Johann Peder Dünschmann in the town of Gieleroth which should fall within the church district of Almersbach. I don't believe that is the case as I think my line came from Gehlert and it is just a simple misalignment of the town naming conventions as they were back in the 1600s, but the research will prove that out or not. 


Another interesting aspect is that I would be staying along the Rhine river in a very historic town.  Boppard was once an independent city state during the Roman times.  I just think the atmosphere will make the research so much more enjoyable.  Think of it, waking up each day and walking around a town that has seen some sort of inhabitant activity as far back as 13000 years ago!  Wow!  I am sure there are not many structures from 13000 years ago, but the Roman and early medieval structures are probably amazing.  I can't wait to see it and experience the town.


After a few days in Boppard and the surrounding area I will head south to Wiebaden Germany and another archival home for research records.  I plan to look for administrative records such as census, land, tax, and legal works, hoping I can find data that will add to what I have found in the churchbooks from the Hachenburg area.  Strangely enough, Hachenburg currently lies within the Rheinland Pfalz region of Germany, but at the time in question it was part of Hesse-Nassau so both archival regions may hold clues to my heritage.  I can't say that I mind the thought of spending days in Wiesbaden either.  I was once stationed south of Wiesbaden and think this area is so pleasurable and fun to be in.  I am sure I will get in some time for local eateries and some picture taking.  Another potentially fun time will be the Christmas market if I go during that time of the year.


I am also considering a visit to the Darmstadt archives.  It features a repository for Hesse-Nassau, so who knows which building might have the one clue I need to solve another mistery.  I have never been to Darmstadt so I think it will be an adventure and a time of discovery for me.


One more stop would have to be Mainz.  I have learned that the University is working on a project http://www.auswanderung-rlp.de/startseite.html that is seeking to document emigration from the area.  I wonder what they have discovered about the Westerwald.  I wonder if they have some insights into the Dünschmanns or the Kohls?  I am excited about this project and look forward to speaking with the team while I am there.




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