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How to Make History Engaging



Okay, not many people consider History to be interesting but to me History is interesting. Perhaps I am not giving enough credit to the human population but my experience has been that discussing my passion for ancestry and history with people...well, let's just say that it is not the norm of extracurricular activities that others pursue. Except in the genealogy world of course which leads me to my audience. We write, provide information, and do research for the history and ancestry community. But I still think I would like to make this virtual world of "Where Ancestry and History Meet" engaging.

So, the question is what would people like to know about the history of states in the U.S. and provinces in other countries as well. If you're going to connect history with ancestry, you need to know about the emigration and immigration of groups of people, communities that formed when states were established and even before, state affiliations and connections with any wars. And the "why" is the big question for all of these topics. This question helps you determine what motivated your ancestors in making big moves or supporting sides, or just supporting, wars. Maybe those three things are the start to my writing for each of the states.


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