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My Tinsman Focus




I have never gotten past a few of the early Tinsman references to decide which ancestor is mine in the 1700's.  Today I started an effort to document all of the Tinsman families in the USA and Canada in the hope that it will allow me to narrow the available options.  I have begun at the 1940 census and will continue to build the trees based upon only hard evidence found in records.  


It is actually fun to explore all of these variant lines.  I hope it leads me to an answer as to which Tinsman is my relative prior to 1800.



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    The searching and documentation continue.  Though I took out some time to get the last of the database webpages put back on line, this Tinsman research effort is the priority for my time.

    I began my effort on Ancestry.com and conducted a US Census search for the name Tinsman in the 1940 census.  The next step I took was to only begin documenting those persons that were "head of household, inmate, hospitalized".  I hope this will give me the basis for the family leadership that was extant during that snapshot window of 1940.

Missing Parameters?

    I am also wondering about adding those last names that are similar to Tinsman. Those that I have found over the years as seemingly affiliated to the Tinsman name.  Not sure I should take that path, but maybe Stinstman or Tinstman would be right to include.

   Another question I am wondering about is the inclusion of any person listed in the Canadian census records.  I think this is another venue for information and that I have also found references to members of the Tinsman line moving to Canada around the time of the revolutionary war.

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     Progress continues on my Tinsman effort.  Though I have paused the US census data gathering effort and restarted my efforts in the Westerwald I think things are still coming together.  

     Many times I ask myself, "why am I doing this much work" just to be more certain of a specific ancestral line.  Heck, I am not sure I know the answer to that.  The effort within the Westerwald has me transcribing the church book records from a number of parishes.  I am starting with Altstadt, though I am also beginning to collect the Hachenburg, Kroppach, Alpenrod, Ruckeroth, Maxsain, Hochstenbach books.  I am still searching for Almersbach, but may have found that it is stored in the Boppard Archives.  Boy, that is all I need, another reason to travel to Germany!

    Much of this transcription work is very tedious, very frustrating. The work progresses, but it seems to take forever to get through even a single year of baptismal records.  I think I am on 1691 for now.  I also have worked the marriage records and believe I did them from 1661-1700 for now.  I am finding that there is no replacement for looking through actual records though.  I believe I am learning things that one cannot grasp by reading someone else's summary or index.  I know I find myself just wanting to skip over a record when it becomes so very difficult to read, or the record makes little to no sense.  Often I find myself just trying to struggle with the hand writing and the language.  I believe that in the end it will be worth it.  At least that is what I will tell myself when it is over.

    Oh, you might ask, why am I transcribing all of these records?

    I am trying to establish historical associations of families and people.  I hope that these associations will become helpful clues in determining my actual ancestral line in the American Colonies.  Seems the Tinsmans (Dünschmann) line had a large number of men that came to America sometime between 1700 and 1755.  Once they got here the records are even worse to find.  I KNOW which Tinsman I am associated with in 1800, now I need to find the link between him, and the pioneers that came from Germany.


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I have drawn another possible reason that the Dünschmann line ended up in Hachenburg.  There was a marriage and the semi-royal couple lived near Nister.  This seems to be the first location where a Dünshcmann was recorded as living.  Next, in the coming years a Dünschmann person became the Mayor of Hachenburg, not exactly a easy leap through caste structures unless he was in some favorable position prior.

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