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Hoy Family in Pennsylvania



I've decided to start a (I hope) weekly entry about different Surnames I am researching. I believe most of the time this will be primarily about associations to me but it may include prominent names in my Ohio research as well.

I have been working on gathering information for the Hoy surname in preparation for Ron and I to do some more traveling in the local area for research. This is something we have promised ourselves to do more of; get out of our seats and go to courthouses and libraries. Like many other German immigrants, the Hoy family started their American adventures in Pennsylvania. However, we also hope to make weekend trips to New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. All are within an easy reach of our home.

I started this Forum post in the Pennsylvania section to get me started on understanding the path the Hoys took in their migration through Pennsylvania and then into Ohio. There is so much good information out there already and I really do not want to duplicate the great work someone else has done. So my task is to find the sources for all the facts...lots of work to do!


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