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Yes, I have selected my husband's surname for this week's #surnameSunday entry! This has nothing to do with genealogy or ancestry research (well, almost nothing) and everything to do with his generosity and good heart.

I have been wondering since Friday evening what surname I would select to write about on Sunday. Lots of options with lots of stories to tell; just hadn't decided which one would win out in my thoughts this time.

I was still thinking through ideas yesterday morning when I received an email from Ron titled "Happy Retirement!" Yes, we sit across from each other but still send emails. :) Anyway, knowing how excited I am about having  more time for genealogy research when I retire next week, Ron was thoughtful enough to research the topics writing family histories and researching in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. He then gifted me electronic books on the subjects; I cannot wait to dive into this information!

And, just so this entry is also about history and genealogy, check out Ron's Blog on The Nielson Genealogical Search. Told from a personal perspective, it is a great introspection on the twists and turns that this research can take us.

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