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Next steps in a long journey




Things have come along well in the past weeks.  Over the last days part of our team has been working to add more research related content to pages from Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, and even a few other entries here and there.  

My dilemma is now trying to decide what gets worked on next.

A part of me is considering that I keep working on with the foundation, those page constructs, databases, and the mechanics of the site presentation. Though it is a bit less rewarding than bringing a region to life through the posting of research aides and resources, it is enabling others to bring more content once these steps have been taken.  The benefits? Well more states will begin to show progress to our visitors.  Hopefully that will entice people to return and participate.  This work is needed to get the site to function correctly. The negatives? It is tedious, tiresome, less rewarding, and maybe it makes the site appear "shallow" in that we have structure but limited content to really appeal to people and provide a resource worthy to get them to participate and return.  I also tire easily of posting "watch xxx county", Ha!

I am not sure there is a real answer to the question posed, so my method of progress? Do something! I will continue to work on the foundation of those regions where it is not currently in place. I will rotate my efforts through the various regions so that I might demonstrate that progress is being made, and hopefully the region of your interest has a good chance of receiving attention in the near future. 

I created this blog entry to provide an opportunity for those that are coming to the site, and reading about what we are doing, to reply to this entry and let me know if you have an interest in a particular region. I will take into consideration any requests you leave here as I make the decision on which area gets our time next.




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