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GoAncestry continues to evolve



Things have been progressing nicely for the site and for our personal efforts in Genealogy and History.  We believe we are on the right track and that over time we will have a wealth of information posted here that will help others.  While it will be time that is the judge of that opinion, I am comfortable in continuing our efforts on our current path.


We do have the basic constructs built for the US States and their respective counties.  Efforts to create this infrastructure has provided over 3143 county pages, and each of those allows us to place more focused information in an easy to find format.  All of these pages and their information is fully searchable on the site, and we are seeing more information posted each month. Yes, this will be a long term project. 


We have a few local volunteers that are helping us, so maybe some would say progress is slow, or slower than hoped.  Sure, it is, but the one thing that volunteers need is a peaceful and pleasurable environment within which to be creative.  There is no need in making a volunteers life be miserable, they wont stay long if that happens anyway.  So, we will continue to build what we can and post it.  In time we may uncover a few more volunteers and then a few others.  Either way, the journey needs to stay pleasant, and for us it is.


I hope everyone continues to view the pages in their own way, participate when you feel like it.  This is merely a community, and one that will be represented by those that use it.


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This labor of love is continuing.  I am pleased to say that the effort seems worth the time and the outcome continues to amaze me.  Hope this year keeps the creative efforts flowing.

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