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  • Society: Smithfield Historical

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         The entire focus of the Historical Society took a major turn in 1976, when several individuals learned that the former property of one of the Charter members, Myra Appleby, was up for sale.  The property had fallen into major disrepair, and following a meeting, each stepped forward into the kitchen of Mr. John Emin, and placed a ten-dollar bill on the counter.  It was from this bold move that the work to reclaim and restore a historic home began.  Wind whistled through holes in the wall, and certain floorboards and timbers were replaced.  There were many hands at work during that time, and untold hours spent in a labor of love.  

         The museum has undergone several transformations over the years, however the character of the house remains unchanged.  Soot stained beams and time worn hearthstones in the keeping room; the decorative lambs tongue woodwork, and the chalk signature of Hugh Whipple, Smithfield, October 1755 still visible in the right light.  The Smith-Appleby House Museum reflects the best of workmanship and design for a home largely constructed in the 18th Century.  Also remarkable is that it is still standing today, much to the credit of the people who have cared for it over the years.  In stark contrast to our contemporary mobile society, seven generations of the Smith and Appleby families were in residence until 1959.  


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