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    The Wiesbaden Archives of Hesse
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    Haus der Geschichte_Darmstadt

    The Darmstadt Archives of Hesse
  4. Bezeichnung der Institution: Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt Zusatz: Haus der Geschichte Straße: Karolinenplatz 3 Postleitzahl: 64289 Ort: Darmstadt Telefon: (06151) 16 - 263 00 Telefax: (06151) 16 - 263 01 E-Mail (Poststelle): darmstadt@hla.hessen.de Homepage: landesarchiv.hessen.de/dienststellen/hessisches-staatsarchiv-darmstadt Öffnungszeiten : sonst: Montag, 9:00 Uhr bis 19:30 Uhr Dienstag bis Donnerstag, 9:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr Freitag, 9:00 Uhr bis 15:00 Uhr View full record
  5. A direct link to the Wiesbaden pages. landesarchiv.hessen.de/dienststellen/hessisches-hauptstaatsarchiv-wiesbaden And the email address: wiesbaden@hla.hessen.de Titel: Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Bezeichnung der Institution: Hessisches Hauptstaatsarchiv Straße: Mosbacher Str. 55 Postleitzahl: 65187 Ort: Wiesbaden Telefon: 0611/881-0 Telefax: 0611/881-145
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    Germany, Hesse

    Seems this is already underway and looking very nice.
  7. This is a digital link to the Stryker Book. https://www.njstatelib.org/wp-content/uploads/slic_files/searchable_publications/reg/NJREGIntro.html View full record
  8. Part of a series published by the Society of the Cincinnati. https://www.societyofthecincinnati.org/pdf/downloads/exhibition_Delaware.pdf View full record
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  11. This is the topical list of the book, some interesting record types are listed. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. About Beginning 3. Adoptions 4. Ads in genealogical Magazines 5. American Genealogical Lending Library 6. Archives 7. Associations, organizations, and Societies 8. Atlases 9. Bible Records 10. Biographies 11. Birth records 12. Black Genealogy 13. Bounty Land Records 14. Burned County Records 15. Canadian Genealogy 16. Card/computer catalogues 17. Cemetery records 18. Census 1790-1840 19. Census 1850 20. Census 1860 21. Census 1870 22. Census 1880 23. Census 1890 24. Census 1900 25. Census 1910 26. Census 1920 27. Census integrated indexes 28. Church archives 29. Church records 30. City directories 31. City histories 32. City panaoramic views 33. City research 34. Civil War records 35. Claims 36. Colonial families 37. Colonial war records 38. Computer indexes 39. Computer programs 40. Computer/modem facilities 41. County atlases 42. County courthouses 43. County histories 44. County landowner maps 45. County records 46. Court records 47. DAR records 48. Death records 49. Deed records 50. Directories 51. Divorce records 52. Encyclopedias 53. Emigration records 54. English/Welsh genealogy 55. Ethnic genealogy 56. Family history centers 57. Family history libraries 58. Family investigations 59. Family organizations 60. Family publications 61. Farm and ranch censuses 62. Finding aides 63. Foreign genealogy 64. Fraternal and occupational organizations 65. Gazetteers 66. Genealogical book sources 67. Genealogical columns 68. Genealogical compilations 69. Genealogical periodicals 70. Genealogical periodical indexes 71. Genealogical publications 72. Genealogical societies 73. German genealogy 74. Group theory 75. Guardianships 76. Hired researchers 77. Historical societies 78. Homestead records 79. Immigrant ancestor origins 80. Immigration records 81. Indian genealogy 82. International genealogical indexes 83. Irish genealogy 84 Jewish genealogy 85. Land grants 86. Land records 87. Large genalogical literature 88. Legal appeals 89. Libraries 90. Locating an ancestor 91. Manufactures censuses 92. Manuscripts 93. Maps 94. Marriage records 95. Migration patterns 96. Military records 97. Mortality censuses 98. Mortuary records 99. National Archives 100. National Archives Field Branches 101. Naturalization records 102. Newspapers 103. Orphans 104. Other local repositories 105. Passport applications 106. Passenger lists 107. Patriotic and hereditary societies 108. Pension records 109. Published genealogies 110. Revolutionary War records 111. Scots-Irish genealogy 112. Scottish genealogy 113. Slave holder censuses 114. Soundex system 115. Special censuses lists 116. Spelling variations 117. State and special censuses 118. State archives 119. State indexes and finding aides 120. State libraries 121. State society libraries 122. State source guides 123. State university libraries 124. Surname indexes 125. Tax lists 126. Territorial records 127. Town records 128. War of 1812 records 129. Ward maps 130. Will and probate records 131. WPA records 132. Writing source citations
  12. I have begun to integrate a Familty Tree Program to the website in the hope I can integrate it with the rest of the website. I have uploaded a working Gedcom and am playing arould with features. If this works I may get serious about hosting those many family trees that I have researched over the years. On the Navigation Bar, click on genealogy, once there, click on Nielson in upper left corner to get to the tree. Seems the Gedcom is searchable as well.
  13. I worked on this last fall, then took a holiday from the family tree for the winter. Now that I am looking at it again I feel I have forgotten how I created a good source in FTM 2019 and how to consistently repeat that process. Today I will restart my sourcing journey using Family Tree Maker 2019 from Mac Kiev. Once I get comfortable with the process and the outcome I will come back and type in the process I ended up using and hope it helps others with sourcing. I am a hobbiest, so you need to decide how you are going to source.
  14. I was certain I had a book about the early polish military and cavalry. Have to go searching for it.
  15. We have been focusing on the Marne area in Schleswig-Holstein. Some of the church records are available through Ancestry. Nothing much is ready at Archion. Are there any other sources you are using?
  16. still haven't found that letter from a colonel to Washington or his staff.
  17. https://www.ancestry.com/family-tree/pt/RSVP.aspx?dat=MTY3Mzk0NTQ1OzswN2E1MzdmYy0wMDA2LTAwMDAtMDAwMC0wMDAwMDAwMDAwMDA7MjAyMDAzMTUwMzU5NTU7MQ==&mac=oJ/OeL8EiqLohiwgdxQAhQ==
  18. The person listed in the Palatines book, is that your relative? Johann Georg Hähn? Maybe from Rengsdorf? How are you associating him to Alpenrod?
  19. ok, I have that book, let me see what I can pull together. Based upon the link you have quite a lot of data, are you concerned about the validity or sourcing of it? If so, which pieces? I see you are looking for the baptism of George Henn as one example.
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    History Nebraska

    Online Resources History Nebraska Photograph & Artifact Collections Search Manuscript Finding Aids Government Records Finding Aids Newspaper Index Library Search Photograph Searches Research Resources & Databases Nebraska Maps https://history.nebraska.gov/ Nebraska History Museum 10:00-5:30pm Monday - Friday 1:00-5:30pm Saturday; CLOSED Sunday Phone Number (402) 471-4782 Address 131 Centennial Mall North Lincoln, Nebraska 68508 View full record
  21. The important stuff is in Palatine Families of NY Vol 1 p. 316. Attached is what I think I know. If you can confirm it that would be great. If you get ambitious and want to flesh out the families I would be forever in your debt The big uncertainty is there seems to be a lot of circumstantial evidence that Georg Hohn belongs with the other children of Henrich Henn but I have no transcription of a baptism. Also that Anna Veronica Schneider is a child of Wilhelm Schneider and Catharina Dick. You'll see the Hain family website that seems to have legit records from the registers in the doc, I found it after I posted the question. Maybe that's all I'll get, it was supposedly from a translation by Annette Burgert, who I have spoken with several times about my Fischer and other Berks County immigrants. The author of the website is AWOL. Ancestors of Elisabetha Gertruat (Gertrude) Hain.pdf
  22. I have access to Archion. If you are willing to post as much as you know about them I can try to find the records. If you prefer, message me the information. When you say the Hank Jones books, can you be specific as to which one, he made a few.
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