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The table below lists the Constituent States of Germany and their respective Capitals. This is a good starting place when preparing for research about German ancestors. Though maps change over time and rulers as well, records of specific localities may still be found in the current State archives. Sometimes there are even challenges finding the right alignment of a record to the archive based upon the date the historical record was created. If the States are highlighted, they contain a link to subsequent focused information. If they are not highlighted, information has not been developed for that State. If there is currently no guide listed, you can consider volunteering some of your time or information. Please refer to the sitewide collaboration link above to share information or ask questions.

As a Hanseatic city, Bremen has a slightly varied structure when considering districts or urban areas. We hope to at least use a similar format for

District Administrative Districts Notes Archive
Mitte (Central)  
Süd (South)    
Ost (East)    
Nord (North)  
Urban District Associated Villages Notes Archive
(M) Häfen    
(M) Mitte    
(S) Huchting    
(S) Neustadt    
(S) Obervieland    
(S) Seehausen    
(S) Strom    
(S) Woltmerhausen    
(O) Borgfeld    
(O) Hemelingen    
(O) Horn-Lehe    
(O) Oberneuland    
(O) Osterholz    
(O) Östliche Vorstadt    
(O) Schwachhausen    
(O) Vahr    
(W) Blockland    
(W) Findorff    
(W) Gröpelingen    
(W) Walle    
(N) Blumenthal    
(N) Burglesum    
(N) Vegesack    
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