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Genealogy: Surname Research

Research efforts that focus upon family trees, aspiring patriots, or a regional examination of a town's available records.  

Surname Inquiries

If you are asking about a surname please try to post in a common way and include as much information as you have available


LAST NAME, First name Date,


Anything else you believe and those questions you have.  Might include "Location" of a person you are interested in.


  1. Work Space - Ronald

    Surnames: Bartunek, Beaumont, Bielfeldt, Bone, Braun, Claussen, Cool(Kohl, Kuhl), Decker, Dünschmann(Tinsman), Fine, Frantz, French, Green, Hulshizer, Kruse, Licht, Mölich(Melich), Nielsen, Nielson, Parks, Rasmussen, Sidner, Tagge, Witt, Zeppenfeld, Zimmerman

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