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    • I have drawn another possible reason that the Dünschmann line ended up in Hachenburg.  There was a marriage and the semi-royal couple lived near Nister.  This seems to be the first location where a Dünshcmann was recorded as living.  Next, in the coming years a Dünschmann person became the Mayor of Hachenburg, not exactly a easy leap through caste structures unless he was in some favorable position prior.
    • This labor of love is continuing.  I am pleased to say that the effort seems worth the time and the outcome continues to amaze me.  Hope this year keeps the creative efforts flowing.
    • I feel like the site has matured over the last years and is in a structrurally good state.  Sure we need more data, sure we have a long way to go, but it is really beginning to meet it's purpose of a workspace to share and collaborate with others about our passion for genealogy research and the hobby.
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