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We were searching for a way to share our passion of genealogy and history so a website seemed the most appropriate method to communicate with others. Our effort to discover our ancestors is, and has been, a long journey. We started down this path in September 2010 when we first joined Ancestry.com. We have struggled at times, gotten excited about finds on other people’s trees (without sources), spent too much time on-line (instead of getting to actual archives), and we potentially drove our families crazy with questions (for history and stories) and requests (for photos and documents).

With all of the said, it is no surprise we are still searching and enjoying ourselves on most days. The hunt is wonderful, but the discovery of some previously unkonwn fact is just a blast. We have continued to expand our efforts in the hobby and now have gathered a nice library of information, a "friend network" of fellow researchers, and built this website just a bit. Our current expansion efforts include our local club for genealogy and history researchers. I hope that will give us enough to do for the near future. I am sure when we expanded our search to our family members/relatives in Germany and other areas overseas we will have plenty to occupy our time.

I hope you have decided to join the site and help us in our journey. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Diane and Ronald Nielson


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