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  • Website Navigation Bar and accessing the Features of GoAncestry

    I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a few of the integrated applications or features that are available to users. Most of these applications can be found along the top of each page within the "navigation bar". I have tried to arrange the applications alphabetically.

    The first item is HOME. Here you can find out ABOUT US, this FEATURE page, GUIDELINES for site usage, and an in-depth SEARCH function that can search all of the site, forums, pages, galleries, etc...

    Next, is ACTIVITY. Here you will find basic information about your own recent usage of the site, your content, and the activity streams you have designated an interest in.  Additional information includes who is ONLINE, a SEARCH button, and a link to our website STAFF.

    BLOGS - I am trying to get into the habit of writing, but not so much so far.,

    CALENDARS - Linking to events, webinars and local.

    FORUMS is of course our message board area.

    GALLERY - Photos and images.

    GENEALOGY - A couple of my research trees.  A work in progress. 

    AMERICA - pull down where presently we link to more in-depth presentation on regional parts of Canada and the UNITED STATES.

    EUROPE - pull-down menu contains link to the various countries where we have already built out some additional content for our research purposes and those of some of our members.

    Now, take some time becoming familiar with what each of these are used for. You will find some of our primary applications that you can use.

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