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    A pretty good list that I have found very helpful over time. http://wiki-en.genealogy.net/Abbreviations
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    https://ctstatelibrary.org/state-archives/ Since 1855 the Connecticut State Library has acquired historical records from the three branches of State government. In 1909, the General Assembly made the State Library the official State Archives. The Archives contains more than 48,000 cubic feet of records documenting the evolution of state public policy and its implementation, the rights and claims of citizens, and the history of Connecticut and its people. http://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/hg/home View full record
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    Edward seems to be the first of the Park (Parks, Parke) line that I can readily say I am related to. Earlier records leave some doubt as to who he is descened from, but hopefully we can discover a few more things to clear that up.... and again, maybe not...


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