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    Some of the default settings in FTM are a baseline and the following changes are recommended in the People view: On right panel showing person, Birth and Death are already listed. Click Customize View and add the following fields for Individual facts: AKA-Also Known As, Baptism, Confirmation, Occupation, Residence. Move Death down so information is chronologically presented. Add the following fields for Shared facts: Marriage Ban. These changes are particularly important when working with German records as Occupation is quite often referenced and sometimes a Marriage Ban will be found even if a Marriage is not. On left panel showing Index listing of all People, click on "Show additional data in index" (this is an icon, hovering over it will show you this label) and select Birth Date. There are two advantages to this view: 1) a chronological view is easy to display and 2) individuals with same names are easily recognizable. In the middle section (on the right, directly above the list of children), select "Show blended families - all children of both parents". This will enable a view of all children vs. just those for the two parents listed.


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