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    I thought to add a bit more detail to this long GoAncestry journey. The webiste has some more features that were added this last year. FLAG COUNTER I enjoy the flag counter as I get a glimpse into the location our visitors are living. I am not sure it really tells me anything more than that, but that is enough for such aneasy to use application. SECURE Spent some time getting the site into a more secure state. It wasn't insecure to begin with, but the method used to host images and just some linking was keeping the site from recieving the coveted "padlock" of security. I also took time to try and nominate it for review with Norton, but that process is not as easy as one would hope. The unique server certificates are all in place and I hope it allows people to feel a bit more comfortable with their personal data and browsing. GENEALOGY TREES INTEGRATION This is a more recent integration and it looks promising! I have been able to get some rudimentary tailoring of the application, but I really want to do so much more than just upload my family trees. First thing will be to undersatnd what the integration MIGHT do, then determine the level of effort required to get some features built into either application. I think it would be great to have my family's locations presented in our regional pages. Maybe someone will be reading about Westerwald Germany, or even Rockville Nebraska, and then our surnames might show up as a match. There is also an option to link into DNA results, so that would be really fun if I can get it to work reliably. GALLERY Our Galleries have gotten more attention lately. We began to get some images from our friends as well! Whenever you are out having an adventure, maybe get a few pictures and send them to us. We are just looking to have visually appealing images mixed into the look and feel of the website. Mostly we are looking for historically aligned images, buildings, monuments, historical structures, or even just some beautiful scenes from aroung the world. Our other hope is to mix in holiday images throughout the year. Innitially we considered that a fine source for those images will be our postcards project, but more on that later. INTERNATIONAL ADVANCES During the middle of the year I was inspired by our Germany trip and followed up with some more effort on our European pages and forums construct. We have a better presentaion now and I have been able to get some of the regional pages put together to receive more dynamic database feeds. As with all of these things, first there is a concept, then a surge in development, then a pause to let it settle in. With the Genealogy Trees integration I hope I can begin to upload those trees I have been compiling over the years for places like Arhus Denmark, Westerwald Germany, Overlulea Sweden, and so forth. I just need to grasp what would be helpful and then see if I can figure out how to do it. ............ and so goes another year of effort at GoAncestry.com, enjoy your research!
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    Ron and I spent some time yesterday researching color-coding and filtering in Family Tree Maker (FTM) to determine how we could use it on our own trees. We went through several iterations, all of which are probably beneficial to share, but we only saved the final one, the one we chose to use on our trees. Here it is: None (no color) - A Test (Someone we have entered in order to get hints and follow these to a possible paper-trail) Red - Brick Wall (Someone in our family that we cannot make progress beyond) Orange - Working (Family member that needs more work, resourcing, etc.) Yellow - Publish to GoAncestry The Red, Orange, and Yellow follow a workflow of sorts. Red indicates major hurdles with researching the individual, Orange is a person that needs more work completed such as sourcing. Yellow is when enough is complete that Ron and I feel comfortable with posting to our GoAncestry website. Green - DNA Match (Autosomal) Sky Blue - Paper Trail (Father's line) Blue - DNA Match (Y) Purple - DNA Match (Mitocrondial) Pink - Paper Trail (Mother's line) The five colors above (Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Purple, and Pink) are to indicate family lines vs. statuses, like the previous colors. These are for proof of family, either through a paper trail of sources or a DNA match.


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