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  • Descendants and Ancestors, together they are the fabric of Genealogy and Family Tree Research.  Many of the historical aspects of our ancestry are the places and records that describe them in a historical context.  On our North Dakota Genealogy pages we focus on providing specific information pertaining to the immigration and settlement activity that took place.  We examine historical information that might exist within Church or Probate Records.  Land and tax information from North Dakota county courthouses may also prove to be valuable sources to support your family tree. Finally, most of our ancestors may have left final notices in the cemeteries, wills, newspapers, or other record repositories that are available on the Internet now. 

    We are taking an additional step to assist you in your Family Tree efforts by providing focused links, digital records, and other pertinent information using a regional underpinning methodology and one other important tool, distance digital communication tools. We have Galleries that include historical images and records.  Forums to collaborate with others that share an interest in the same area, culture, or maybe even the same ancestral family name. We are providing this site to allow interaction with others, free of charge, to learn about tools, to help each other, to understand your Ancestry DNA, and get the most out of the community.

    The content we provide begins with the general ancestry, history, and genealogy information. Then we add our special focus which is towards European immigration, pioneers, exploration, and settlement activity.  Nothing would be complete if we didn't add a bit more specialty information regarding German and Danish immigrants and their historical achievements they made while founding various parts of America.

    Welcome! We are presenting quality information and a collaborative environment that will help you discover your family history. Information for how you can contribute is here. I hope you will consider becoming a member which lets you generate topics and share on Facebook to connect with others however, feel free to browse the site.If you have questions, send a message by going to the about us page.

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The table below lists the State Counties. Consider volunteering some of your time or information.
County Date Notes County Date Notes
Adams 1885   Barnes 1875  
Benson 1883   Billings 1879  
Bottineau 1873   Bowman 1883  
Burke 1910   Burleigh 1873  
Cass 1873   Cavalier 1873  
Dickey 1881   Divide 1910  
Dunn 1883   Eddy 1885  
Emmons 1879   Foster 1873  
Golden Valley 1912   Grand Forks 1873  
Grant 1916   Griggs 1881  
Hettinger 1883   Kidder 1873  
LaMoure 1873   Logan 1873  
McHenry 1873   McIntosh 1883  
McKenzie 1905   McLean 1883  
Mercer 1875   Morton 1873  
Mountrail 1873   Nelson 1883  
Oliver 1885   Pembina 1867  
Pierce 1887   Ramsey 1873  
Ransom 1873   Renville 1873  
Richland 1873   Rolette 1873  
Sargent 1883   Sheridan 1873  
Sioux 1915   Slope 1915  
Stark 1879   Steele 1883  
Stutsman 1873   Towner 1883  
Traill 1875   Walsh 1881  
Ward 1888   Wells 1873  
Williams 1890    
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