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  1. Such an amazing site really. I just love spending time in their website and looking through the church records that they have posted. Not everything is posted, but does that really ever happen anyway?
  2. This is my mother. She passed last year and I am now starting to get back into my research.
  3. Thank David. Where are you looking? Have you tried Archion or any local places in Germany?
  4. Ronald

    Volga Russia

    Need to have a placeholder as I research my Volga Germans. These publication would be of use. - Mai, Brent Alan. 1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga: Economy, Population, and Agriculture (Lincoln, NE: American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1999): St07, St52. - Pleve, Igor. Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet, 1764-1767 Band 4 (Göttingen: Göttinger Arbeitskreis, 2008): 214. - Pleve, Igor. Lists of Colonists to Russia in 1766: Reports by Ivan Kulberg (Saratov: Saratov State Technical University, 2010): #4143.
  5. After some more looking I have determined his family came from Stahl am Tarlyk, currently Stepnoye Russia. This is in the Volga region, but I would like to begin to narrow this a bit.
  6. Not sure about the label Dutch reformed. These groups of people left France and Belgium to evade the french catholic forces. Many settled near Heidelberg and the surrounding areas, some stayed in Belgium or the Netherlands, others were in Switzerland. The church records are spotty in most places. I have even found notes that a certain book was LOST when French forces made encampments in the area. I will continue to pluck around and have asked some German research friends, but yes, this may not produce additional details. I plan to go to Germany in the near future and will be in that area, so may keep some notes and work with the archive to see if there is anything else of interest.
  7. I have found the original books that cover the period you have discovered. They all end in 1596 or 1591, then restart much later. I will keep looking to see if they books covering your needed dates have a known history, as in "known lost" There was much destruction in the area around 1600 and again in 1630, Mannheim was basically burnt to the ground, but I am asking a friend in Speyer.
  8. Some software changes have been made to the log in system, no email address must be used as the username presented too many risks. Also cleaned up the skin for presentation. The ranking system was upgraded and then recalculated so your rank should be correct.
  9. I see, I miss took the University name. Let me see what I might find.
  10. That area is very far north in Germany and not near Mannheim. Is there a reason you think they were in or near Mannheim?
  11. That area has a number of French Huguenot churches and they do cover the time period between 1600 and 1680. Do you have any reference to the dates the boys or girls may have been married in the region? You said from a previous marriage, did he marry again while in Mannheim? Do you have any reference at all to location, village names, anything referencing where they came from in Germany?
  12. I started this section to publish a few ledgers I have gotten over the years. I do not have many, but they might be of assistance to others. I generally focus on getting ledgers from local community stores or businesses and my primary goal is to obtain them from as far back as my ancestors were in that area. I am looking for the following: New Jersey - 1700 - 1900 Pennsylvania - 1720 - 1880 New York - 1680 - 1850 Connecticut - 1630 - 1800 Massachusetts - 1630 - 1800 Rhode Island - 1630 - 1800
  13. I had an interesting time meeting with the chapter yesterday. Brought back the reason I was interested in joining from the beginning. I hope I can find a way to participate without becoming involved in politics or stress. Joining non-profit volunteer organizations should be fun.
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