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  1. The Kentucky Genealogical Society was organized in 1973 to foster excellence in genealogy through educational programs and projects that preserve, produce, and disseminate knowledge of genealogical or historical value. https://kygs.org/ This Directory of Genealogy Researchers is provided as a service for genealogists and family historians with Kentucky roots who wish to hire someone to assist with their research. All names and information were submitted by the professional researchers who wish to publicize their services here. KGS makes no claim as to the accuracy of the information or the quality of the research offered. KGS does not endorse the researchers on the list or receive compensation for including them on the list. KGS simply makes the list available as a service. View full record
  2. The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) was formed in 1836 by a group of prominent Kentuckians intent on preserving the history of the Commonwealth. We are a membership organization with members from Kentucky and around the world. We are part of the Kentucky Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet; have full American Alliance of Museums accreditation; are a Smithsonian affiliate; and endorse the History Relevance statement. https://history.ky.gov/ Extensive resources make the Martin F. Schmidt Research Library a required stop for anyone researching a family tree with roots or branches in Kentucky. Our resources include printed biographies and family histories, access to unique genealogical materials including Bible records, surname collections, cemetery and church records; popular subscription databases and knowledgeable staff. Our catalog is online for your convenience. We also offer regular sessions to help people who want to learn family research skills and techniques hone their skills and share ideas. View full record
  3. She is reputed to be the wife of Edward Parks and the line she descends from is a bit fuzzy to date. Today marks the time where I hope to get some clarity into this surname.
  4. Edward seems to be the first of the Park (Parks, Parke) line that I can readily say I am related to. Earlier records leave some doubt as to who he is descened from, but hopefully we can discover a few more things to clear that up.... and again, maybe not...
  5. Whereas, the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Company and their elected Governor, John Winthrop, emigrated to New England in 1630 to found a “City on a Hill,” the Winthrop Society: Descendants of the Great Migration, is dedicated to honoring and preserving their memory, philosophy and tradition and transmitting their example of courage, strong faith, integrity, and civic duty. The Society is open to all men and women of good character and proven biological descent from one or more passengers of the Winthrop fleet, or of other early settlers of Massachusetts Bay. https://www.winthropsociety.com/index.php Our scope of study is the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and not the Plymouth Colony, already ably handled by the Society of Mayflower Descendants and others. Our goals are: To identify all these settlers (no complete list of them survives), by consulting every source which can be found in the United States and England. To make a bibliography listing all useful books and resources on the history of the the Colony to about the year 1691, and on the early history of Puritanism in England. As means permit, a library will be collected. To locate the origins and family histories in England of the first settlers. To make a genealogical database including all the descendants of these colonists to the fourth generation, the reconstructed biographies and ancestries of the colonists as well as can be established, and lineages to the present day as submitted to us by the membership. To publish our research findings and historical articles at our Web site. Articles and information submitted by Members and all other researchers are welcomed. View full record
  6. http://sites.rootsweb.com/~albchgs/ Butler County is a county older than the state of Alabama. We were created on December 13, 1819 – one day before Alabama became a state. Our first county seat was at Fort Dale, where a large pioneer community grew into existence around the fort built by Capt. Sam Dale in spring 1818 near the Federal Road. Fort Dale was the site of Butler County's first school, first church and first Masonic lodge. It was one of our first voting precincts, and the first court session in the county was held under the trees around the fort. In 1822, the county seat was moved to Greenville (originally called "Butlerville"), where it remains today. The Butler County courthouse burned in April 1853, but our Historical Society has collected a vast amount of records to bridge the gap caused by this unfortunate occurence. There ARE many surviving records before 1853 – just ask us! View full record
  7. http://neags.com/ North East Alabama Genealogical Society Meeting: varies..... Where: Nichols Memorial Library, Corner of Dwight & Cabot Ave. Gadsden, Alabama View full record
  8. http://www.eufaulapilgrimage.com/ Eufaula Heritage Association 340 North Eufaula Avenue Eufaula, AL 36027 Email: Eufaula Heritage Association (334) 687-3793 or 1-888-EUFAULA (888-383-2852) View full record
  9. https://aplsnew-web.apls.state.al.us:10129/eufaula/web/ Eufaula Carnegie Library 217 North Eufaula Ave ♦ Eufaula, AL 36027 ♦ 334-687-2337 A small, focused collection of genealogy and local history materials is maintained by the library. The library strives to collect all materials on Eufaula and Barbour County; as space and funds permit, the library collects materials on other Alabama counties View full record
  10. https://aplsnew-web.apls.state.al.us:10129/eufaula/web/ Eufaula Carnegie Library 217 North Eufaula Ave ♦ Eufaula, AL 36027 ♦ 334-687-2337 A small, focused collection of genealogy and local history materials is maintained by the library. The library strives to collect all materials on Eufaula and Barbour County; as space and funds permit, the library collects materials on other Alabama counties View full record
  11. http://www.foleylibrary.org/GENEALOGY.html FOLEY PUBLIC LIBRARY ALABAMA, LOCAL HISTORY AND GENEALOGY DEPARTMENT JEANETTE BORNHOLT Alabama, Local History and Genealogy Librarian The Alabama / Local History and Genealogy Department is located on the second floor of the library. These extensive collections include materials on the state of Alabama, county and city histories and family histories in book, file, and film. The Special Collection includes: Owen’s History of Alabama Dictionary of Alabama Biographies The Alabama Review Alabama Historical Quarterly The Five Hundred Years of Baldwin County [film series] The Local History Collection includes: Publications about Baldwin County Microfilm of local newspapers as early as 1897 Baldwin County History files begun by local historian and author Doris Rich of Magnolia Springs, Alabama, The Overton Collection, Family Histories Cookbook collection, many no longer in print. The FOLEY PUBLIC LIBRARY is the depository for the Baldwin County Genealogical Society’s research materials in the Genealogy Collection which covers all states, countries, and ethnic groups This collection includes: 4500+ genealogy books, quarterlies, periodicals, 800+ rolls of microfilms of censuses, newspapers, courthouse, congressional, Native American resources, 3000+ microfiche, also map collection and CDs, for researching throughout the United States and other countries, Microfilm/fiche reader/printer Internet access with Ancestry.com Library Edition [Also available on all public access computers in the library] and HeritageQuest [Available in the library and at home for those with Foley Public Library Cards.] The Obituary File begun in 1988 with obits with Baldwin County ties Various Family Files Extensive Family History collection Heritage of Alabama series [All 67 counties] Cemetery records for Baldwin County and much, much more. Foley Public Library Opening More Than Books! 319 East Laurel Avenue, Foley, Alabama 36535 Tel: 251-943-7665 - Fax: 251-943-8637 View full record
  12. This is an interesting topic. It has been rumored that Christopher Tinsman swam the Delaware river to retrieve his boats that had been taken from the northern bank of the Delaware when the Continentals withdrew to Pennsylvania. Another letter stated that he and another person swam the river and were caught retrieving/stealing the boats to take back to New Jersey. So although I have not rediscovered this letter, it causes me to wonder about the Tinsman support of the Continental army with transport or supply efforts. Another pension request of a 3rd party stated that Sgt Chris Tinsman worked in a supply function, I assumed with wagons. This note may lead to more information. 5. Experienced watermen from New England and the Philadelphia area ably guided the boats across the challenging river. One factor in Washington’s favor was the large number of experienced watermen to be found at the crossing site. Col. John Glover’s Marblehead regiment was filled with New Englanders who had extensive experience as seamen. Glover’s men were all quite identifiable with their short blue seaman’s jackets, tarred pants, and woolen caps. Other experienced watermen from the Philadelphia area, many familiar with this exact stretch of river, had also congregated in the area and were able to provide the muscle and skill needed to make the perilous nighttime crossing. Potential Sources: Sources: “The Chesapeake & Delaware Canal.” US Army Corps of Engineers. 13 Apr. 2010. <http://www.nap.usace.army.mil/sb/c&d.htm>. The Durham Boat. Washington Crossing Historic Park. 20 Jan. 2010. <http://www.ushistory.org/washingtoncrossing/history/durham.htm>. History of The Durham Boat. Durham Historical Society. Durham Historical Society. 20 Jan. 2010. <http://durhamhistoricalsociety.org/history2.html>. Hutton, Ann Hawkes. George Washington Crossed Here. Philadelphia: Franklin Company, 1966. Leutze, Emanuel Gottlieb. Washington Crossing the Delaware. 1851. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Met Museum. 24 Feb. 2010. <http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/97.34>. Ward, Christopher. The War of the Revolution. Old Saybrook, CT: Konecky & Konecky, 1952. Werner, Jeff. “Oarsmen Navigate Swift Currents, Biting Winds in Prelude to Washington’s Historic Crossing.” Bucks Local News. BucksLocalNews.com. 7 Dec. 2009. 18 Apr. 2010. <http://www.buckslocalnews.com/articles/2009/12/07/the_advance/news/doc4b1d2b864951a692782793.txt>. Willey, Stephen. Personal Interview. 29 Jan. 2010.
  13. http://www.deltacomputersystems.com/AL/AL05/INDEX.HTML Welcome to the Baldwin County, Alabama online record search. This search engine will return Property Tax, Appraisal, Probate Court, Deeds & Records, Ucc's and other information of record in Baldwin County. The information is uploaded to this server frequently but may lag behind actual activity at the courthouse. Deeds and Records Search http://www.deltacomputersystems.com/AL/AL05/drlinkquerya.html View full record
  14. https://baldwincountyhistoricalsociety.wordpress.com/ The Baldwin County Historical Society was founded in Fairhope, Alabama on September 12, 1923, as a non-profit organization. The society’s mission is to bring together the citizens of Baldwin County to insure the preservation of our rich heritage for posterity. View full record
  15. https://www.appl.info/genealogy.asp The Alabama Room collection at the Prattville Library contains print resources for Autauga County and surrounding counties of the River Region of Alabama. The holdings include some marriage and cemetery records of various counties and indexes to court records. The Autauga Genealogical Society donates books, maintains the family history files and is available to assist with genealogical queries. The Prattville library also has (for in-house use only) a subscription to ANCESTRYLIBRARY database. Questions may be submitted by writing the library at Autauga-Prattville Public Library, 254 Doster Street, Prattville, AL 36067. Note: library staff cannot do extensive research and cannot go to the Autauga County Courthouse to copy records. Prattville Library Hours of Operation Sunday Closed Monday 9:00am-7:00pm Tuesday 9:00am-7:00pm Wednesday 9:00am-5:00pm Thursday 9:00am-7:00pm Friday 9:00am-5:00pm Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm View full record
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